CoolMiniOrNot Annual 2011 now available

CoolMiniOrNot now has their 2011 Annual available over in their webshop. Go look at the pretty models!

From the update:

The foremost publication of Cool Mini or Not’s greatest pieces of miniature art, the Annual collections have been fan favorites for years. Now you can get the latest in the series, the 2011 Annual, and all the fantastic examples of miniature hobby artistry. Between its high-quality hard covers you will find hundreds of exquisite photos of miniatures painted by some of the industry’s finest professionals – possibly giving inspiration to readers so their work can one day join them in a future Annual! Make sure to get your copy of the 2011 Annual…while supplies!

  • Grindar

    wait…it’s 2013…2012 would’ve made sense, or CMON’s really lagging behind

    • Well, it relies heavy on the gamers we reach out to for photos of their awesome models. That, obviously, can take a lot of time as most gamers have a lot going on outside of the hobby to keep them occupied.

      • mathieu

        Not mentioning that there is no real incentive to accept that your pictures get in the CMoN Annual.

        • cmon-chern

          We have no problem filling 150 pages, so lots of folk have plenty of incentive to participate. The book is compiled from the best of the year – so 2011 is the best of 2011, which is very different from how other annuals name their years but we feel it’s much more logical this way.

          • mathieu

            Would you spend a year “reaching out to gamers for photos” if you really had “no problem filling 150 pages”? Maybe.

            Would it be even easier if painters got any sort of remuneration for having their work in the book? Most likely.

          • I agree.

            Do they at least get a free copy of the print?

          • cmon-chern

            Actually, we had it filled fairly quickly (within 2 months of solicitation). Lay out between our other activities takes about another 2 months, printing 1 month, ocean freight 2 months. Since we start asking for photos in February with a closing date in April, this is pretty par for the course.

            And no, we don’t. If not enough artists want to participate, we simply won’t publish it. It’s not exactly our core business activity.

  • I have the first three editions and they’re a great ispiration – are there any UK stockists that will be carrying the new book?

    • cmon-chern

      Not enough interest I’m afraid, it’s a fairly specialized book. Most distributors can’t even understand the attraction.