CoolMiniOrNot announces Arcadia Quest

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Feb 15th, 2014

CoolMiniOrNot just announced a new board game series they’re coming out with: Arcadia Quest.


From the announcement:

Introducing the next upcoming miniature Board Game from Cool Mini or Not: Arcadia Quest!

Arcadia Quest is an exciting new adventure board game created by Eric Lang, Thiago Aranha, Fred Perret and Guilherme Goulart. It is a campaign-based game for 2 to 4 players, where each player controls a guild of three unique heroes, facing off against the other players and the various monsters controlled by the game. Players need to accomplish a series of quests in order to win each scenario and choose where to go next in the campaign.

The rules in Arcadia Quest are fast and furious, and every player can focus on using their heroes’ abilities and equipment to achieve their goals, without the need for anybody to get stuck with the role of solely controlling the monsters.

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  • Haibane

    Chibi art style is very similar to SDE. Pretty bizarre that there aren’t any images of the miniatures on the site. I guess those will be added later.

    • gdaybloke

      Given that CMON also distributed SDE, I find it odd that they’d actually be making a directly competing product.

      • Nak

        Even in the description of a game, they make a remark about not needing anyone to control the monsters… I found that odd. Perhaps their deal with Soda Pop is not getting them a favorable profit margin.

        • thetang22

          While the game looks visually inspired by SDE, chibi/super-deformed is a fairly common art style with gaming. It looks like it takes inspiration from a lot of the same sources SDE does. Soda Pop didn’t invent the style, afterall.

          One thing to note is that the gameplay seems as though it will be considerably different than SDE…so while it looks like a chibi fantasy game with minis, the similarities may not go too far beyond that.

          Making special note that the game will not require someone to control the monsters is mentioned because that style of gameplay is popular and trendy right now. I really doubt they mentioned that specifically aimed at Soda Pop/SDE. Heck, even Soda Pop recognize this. They released a public poll for SDE recently, asking if the fans would like a fully co-op version of the rules, and the vast majority said yes.

  • darrenjacques

    is this going to be a kickstarter?

    • blkdymnd

      Of course it is 🙂

  • Nak

    I got excited and then remembered that this will probably end up on Kickstarter because… well it’s CMON. Oh well…

    • Ghool

      And that prevents you from buying it later at retail because…..?

      • Nak

        It doesn’t, I just won’t be able to get the X Y and Z Kickstarter exclusives without shelling out hundreds of dollars either when Kickstarter is up or later on once they become rare.

        If there are no such hooks I’m fine with it.

        I have no problem with Kicksterter, I have backed a few myself, but if you don’t have extra disposable income you are out of luck.

        • odinsgrandson

          Cool Mini’s most recent Kickstarter- Wrath of Kings- did not go for tons of exclusives (at least not for WoK). They had a couple Zombicide and Kingdom Death figures- and one odd mini that doesn’t have any rules associated with him, but no gameplay altering exclusives.

  • joshuar56

    I was sorta interested, until I saw it was an Eric Lang game, then I noticed all the color coordinating, similar to Kaosball… I think I’ll probably pass.

  • blkdymnd

    I wasn’t going to do any more Cool Mini preorderstarters, but Eric Lang has created some of my favorite games over the last few years (Warhammer Invasion, Chaos in the Old World), so I will give this a good look.

  • Material?

    • Definitely- The material is important. If it’s metal like the Pulp City Kickstarter or pseudo plastic like Mantic and Sedition Wars, I’d probably pass.

      If it is similar to SDE, then fantastic.

    • joshuar56

      It’s plastic, very similar to SDE. They have previewed a couple on FB.

  • joshuar56

    I just saw that soda pop miniatures announced a few days ago that CMoN’s legion program would no longer represent their games. I wonder if there is a split with SpM and CMoN?

  • darkendlight

    I just got word in the legion forum that CMoN’s Legions are still supporting their games. Straight from Derek. Also that CMoN is distributing the game not making it.

  • joshuar56

    Well Deeke (from soda pop) says otherwise. It sounds like legionaries will still get credit while they transition, but soda pop is definitely coming out with their own volunteer program.

  • …any links there Joshuar so I can go read about it and do some follow-up as well. Makes me curious.

  • Grindar

    I don’t blame them, it’s not like anybody at Cool Mini or Not could get off their ass and update the Relic Knights Kickstarter, or answer emails related to it, or in general be bothered by the near-million-dollar Kickstarter.