CoolMiniOrNot and Soda Pop Miniatures split ways

CoolMiniOrNot and Soda Pop Miniatures have decided to terminate their publishing relationship and go in separate directions.


From the announcement:

Soda Pop Miniatures and CoolMiniOrNot announce the ending of the publishing relationship of Soda Pop Miniatures titles Super Dungeon Explore™ and Relic Knights™.

“We are happy with the cooperative effort with CoolMiniOrNot over the past 3 years as publishers of our titles Super Dungeon Explore™ and Relic Knights™”, said John Cadice, Creative Director of Ninja Division*. “We are now looking forward to self-publishing these titles and bringing great games to our fans everywhere!”

“As agreed with Soda Pop Miniatures, we will finish fulfilling all existing orders on these titles including those on the Relic Knights Kickstarter, and transfer full control and inventory to Soda Pop Miniatures in an orderly fashion in the coming weeks,” added Chern Ann Ng, Director at CoolMiniOrNot. “The team at CoolMiniOrNot has greatly enjoyed publishing these excellent titles. We wish Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division all the best on their future plans.”

Please direct product inquiries for Super Dungeon Explore™ and Relic Knights™ to

Editing to add a further word from John Cadice of Soda Pop Miniatures:

Hey guys, we want to remind you, we are happy to have had experience with Coolminiornot, who were instrumental in supporting the launch of the great projects we all enjoy. We are equally happy to be taking on this new adventure, and to have your support to help us to continue to bring you cool projects. Thank you. – John

  • Haibane

    Ah, the bleached clean language of the corporate press release – smells pine fresh to me!

    • Grindar

      So bleached they even just whitewashed my previous comment about how bad a job they did with the RK Kickstarter. And then they whipped right around and supported that other chibi dungeon game, didn’t take CMON long to get over it at all…

      • Haibane

        Yeah I’m not too happy about TGN at the moment, there were some very innocuous comments made on the Forgotten King news item which were deleted, then when I commented “censorship eh?” that was also deleted – I guess because censorship looks bad.

        Not the best way to encourage participation in the site in my opinion. At the very least be honest enough to leave a notice saying that the comment was deleted and the reason for its deletion.

  • Even negative comments must still be constructive and adhere to the posting guidelines for the site.

    Code of Conduct

    A lot of times the code has been enforced sparingly, but it does still exist and all comments should adhere to it.

    • Grindar

      Strange how it always happens to posts pointing out when CMON does a terrible job but we can rip on GW all day long, huh?

      • blkdymnd

        Which was one of the points Haibane and I made, they only get sensitive with CMON comments. Not GW, PP, or anyone else really. It is what it is. They own it, makes it less of a ‘news’ site when you can’t call them like you see them

        • Soulfinger

          As someone who . . . ummm, just read the Code of Conduct for the first time, I’m probably not the best qualified person for throwing my hat into the ring here. However, I think Polar_Bear handles things pretty well, and I don’t like seeing him lumped into the “them/they” category.

          I’ve had posts moderated more than a couple of times. He didn’t even post my news link to Time magazine’s story about butt crack selfies at Magic tournaments, but I’ve felt his decisions to be reasonable in each instance, extraordinarily lenient to be honest (because I really am an awful person). I appreciate the give-and-take, along with the congeniality.

          CMoN owns the site, but the person they put in charge of it is doing the best he can to manage it in a personable way, not employee to consumer, but one gamer to another. That said, it’s not unreasonable for us to reciprocate by acknowledging that CMoN signs his pay check, and if he lets people post trash talk about his employer then there is a chance that tomorrow morning, we’ll be enjoying news posted by the corporate shill replacement that you are making him out to be. So, at the very least, remember that you can address the man directly, which is one of the things I like most about this site.

          • thetang22

            And some people wonder why CMON has been getting a bad reputation… TGN was always about bringing the hobby news and freely discussing it (within reason…). CMON now dictates what “within reason” is.

          • Soulfinger pretty much nailed this, so I won’t say much more. I certainly don’t pretend to speak for anyone else, but PB’s moderation has never felt heavy-handed to me. Additionally, if you’ve ever been somewhere on the internet that isn’t well moderated, you should know how “trolly” things can get, lots of personal ad-hominem attacks, instead of making a point for or against an argument.

            Also, if opinions were as tightly controlled as has been said here, there are a bunch of posts in this very thread that would not be here. Heck, why not lock the thread entirely if you’re that worried about dissenting opinions. There is a difference between maintaining a degree of civility, and saying you are not entitled to your opinion.

        • CrazyFish

          I think you’re choosing to see more into the post editing than it deserves. There’s nothing in the Code of Conduct saying you can’t say something negative or critical. That’s all most of the GW/PP posts have been recently. When posts get offensive, that’s when they get edited. And if you think the edits are only to “protect” CMoN, I suggest you browse the Pewter Ponies comment thread. Also, if you think the editing on TGN is bad, I suggest you check out the PP forums or Bell of Lost Souls (just to name two).

          • Haibane

            Like I say, they were extremely mild and innocuous comments – in no way offensive.

  • carypearson

    It is what we were all afraid of when we heard that CMON had purchased the site.

    The heavy promotion of CMON news items was ok, but the editorializing of ONLY comments that are negative to CMON is a bit much… I think I will be taking my viewing eyeballs elsewhere.

  • 4tonmantis

    huh.. well.. guess it had to end some time..

    How could anything possibly be constructive as a comment to this? It’s a fact.. and really the only thing we can do is express our opinion based on this fact. CMoN as a company has fostered a series of letdowns that have left backers and other collectors with more than a bit of a sour taste.. now.. that sour aftertaste appears to be causing indigestion as well..

  • joshuar56

    Hey… remember when that one guy said this was coming over a month ago? And remember all those aholes who said he was full of it?

    • thetang22

      Your rationale behind it all, and treating it all as fact before it was, was why you were receiving so much grief.

      • joshuar56

        First, I never treated it as fact. Second, looks like I was right…

        • Soulfinger

          So you weren’t talking about Pat Robertson?

  • Piston Honda

    I’ve heard a bit of dirty laundry of people over the internet.

    Wish I knew the truth.

    All I get is fans boys saying they know the “truth” pointing the finger at the other company.

  • JRacel

    For as much grief as some of you want to give Polar Bear and CMoN, I think they do a pretty good job of getting out the news. I see news items from all around the gaming industry on this site, not just their stuff. That is far better than many other corporate sites that are nothing but advertisement for their own companies. Most people know that CMoN has an interest here on TGN, but we still come here for part of our news. If you think CMoN and Polar Bear are heavy handed, try making negative comments on many other company’s sites and see how long they last or how fast you lose access. If you want free speech, your welcome to have your own blog, but don’t companies to allow you to speak negatively of them on their own site past a reasonable point. It’s just business and not personal.

    • JRacel

      Correction: but don’t companies to allow you to speak negatively of them on their own site past a reasonable point.

      • JRacel

        Frak!!!! Correction: but don’t expect companies to allow you to speak negatively of them on their own site past a reasonable point.

  • Truth, Fact or Fiction – or just my opinion – TGN is not what it was before CMoN took over — There are a lot of reviews posted of games that have been out for some time – tons of pod cast and everyone seems to get a say as to what is news. It is still a viable tool for macro companies like myself. I can post here and on other news sites and that translates to a few buck in my pocket.

    I met Dave and he is a nice guy but as soon as he walked away had at least 5 vendors/individuals come up to me to talk smack about him something to do with new wave and I know nothing about that as it is before my time.

    If I had a chance to turn over control of production and development to CMoN and then years later branch out on my own because CmoN created that demand and ability Would be tanking CMoN and TGN as well.

    There is so much drama in the gaming community and we are talking about toy soldiers and dice rolling not the fate of the world as we know it.

    • BaconSlayer

      Look up stories about New Wave Mail Order some time. They should be entertaining/enlightening.

  • JRacel

    I agree with you Micropanzer. Far too much drama for toy soldiers. Hope all is well with you Jason.

    • Marauder

      Just an aside – love your avatar JRacel. I once wrote a 3-session mini campaign for Rifts, heavily inspired by the image of that full conversion borg and the novel “Heart of Darkness”, that involved a unit of Coalition troops (players) travelling into old chicago in an APC. Fun times.

      Okay, sorry for the tangent – back to the debate!


  • elril

    Look, it is the world of Corporate America. The two parties in question are playing nice and seem to be handling it amicably, or at least professionally. We internet trolls can speculate and conjecture as much as we want, but to be expecting to sling mud at company from their own back yard…. I know I tell kids to go do that somewhere else at my house. I didn’t get to read said censures, so I have to withhold judgement on their appropriateness.

  • darkendlight

    I give thanks everyday that my job is not to have to moderate pages like this.

  • KelRiever

    In this case, I have no astounding love for either CMoN or SodaPop, so…whatever. This news item just shows me one company (CMoN) did some things that, if I were SodaPop, I’d seriously question. SodaPop should have always been on its own anyway, as far as I’m concerned.

    • grimbergen

      I doubt sodapop could have pulled off any of this on their own, unless they were starting out today. 4 years ago (I assuming it took some time before they got it published and sent to stores) sodapop was just making a handful of metal minis and wanted to branch out into SDE, a big boardgame with lots of plastics.

      I’m just guessing, but I doubt they had any means to handle that on their own as KS had not yet been a proven funding mechanism for projects like that yet.

      And it’s not like the whole hobby minis+boardgame combo have had that many successes so I’m sure it was a short list of potential partners/funders… with the exception of zvezda I can’t think of any companies the moment that make those kind of games who are still in business.

      • KelRiever

        Who knows? That’s all speculation. I really don’t think whether you team up with CMoN or not that a miniature game has much of a future at all. Those that do I have a feeling would make it regardless. If you want to argue time frames for that success, sure, I guess you could make a point. But again, I just think it is all speculation.

  • Justacomment

    This thread has had excellent points on many sides. It s actually refreshing to see..