Cool Mini Or Not releases Confrontation Cyclop of Mid-Nor

By tgn_news_poster
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Oct 4th, 2011

Cool Mini Or Not releases the last of the Wave 2 Confrontation Cyclop of Mid-Nor. The website also has a 360 of the model.

From their announcement:

Comes with a round base and a square base, and the Confrontation 3.5 card necessary for gaming.

Available now exclusively from CMON On-line store.

  • odinsgrandson

    Oh, I’ve always liked him.

  • Veritas

    I already have one, but I was thinking of picking up an extra as I love this model. $80 for this fig is a little bit too much for me, though. I was expecting it to top out around $65 max. 🙁 I’m hoping the Molochs are a bit more reasonable as I missed out on them the first time and couldn’t justify the exorbitant amounts they command when they show up on eBay. I was thinking the two together would probably top out at $90 at the most, but the price point for this guy makes me apprehensive.

  • Vaxillus

    Considering that they didn’t even have to pay a sculptor, just cast the thing in resin (which is NOT that expensive) this price point is completely ludicrous. I’m not sure where CMON gets off charging so much, but they need to lower their prices or I’m sure as hell not biting. I got a metal one of these off ebay for like $30.

  • -DE-

    80 bucks for the Cyclops? Sounds like a bad joke to me. If I didn’t have the Rackham Golem I would’ve paid that for the CMoN one because not only is the new one made of the same material, has the same price, but it also comes with quite a number of extra pieces, previously unreleased. $80 is a fair price IMO for the rereleased Golem, as is 110$ for the Hydra. But the Cyclops is not only twice as expensive as the original, it’s also made of inferior material! What a rip off…


    80+ shipping for a recast? Sad to see confrontation license handled like this. The price is even greater than some of the ebay leeches and your paying not the original metal one but just a recast in resin.

    I was planning on getting this but no thank you sir, the price is just ridiculous.

  • panzerbody

    Well well,
    resin price is higher than metal, and it renders details 10 times better…
    I don`t know what u do with ur minis but me, I paint them! And I rather have an excellent resin model than a metal one.
    There is no compariso !
    Price is high, but the model is worth in my opinion.
    a must buy for sure…

  • KelRiever

    Uh, no, Resin as a material should probably not be higher than casting metal. Other factors might make it expensive, but really, I think it is a matter of doing limited edition runs. Having said that, while I am not going to buy one for $80, if you think it is worth it, then good for you.

    I’m waiting for the stuff that is limited release that I don’t have or can’t get on eBay for a reasonable price. The Hydra was not in my realm of interest, but more things like that (and preferably closer to infantry size, and NOT packaged in a box with other minis) is more my speed.

  • Nightbee

    I don’t see how the price can be justified. Unless they paid a mint for the rights (which seems unlike, but who knows?), this has to be almost pure profit. That’s assuming they can sell them. I used to see these on eBay for $30-40 all the time.

  • estrus

    At these prices it looks like CMONs recasts are just as dead as the original line.
    RIP Rackham.

  • Vaxillus

    Yeah, resin is probably a superior material if you’re looking for detail, I’m not sure where people got off on this ‘metal is best’ thing. It’s heavier, but that’s it. Resin can break if parts are too thin, but that’s not the case with bigger models (nothing on the cyclops is thin enough to worry). It also snaps clean, and will rarely bend or deform like metal, making re-gluing easy.

    • -DE-

      It’s not a question whether resin is cooler than metal IN GENERAL, but for this particular model. It’s the exact same model, so no additional detail for the new resin version. Metal is sturdier, less prone to damage, has that heavy feel that so many like, is a more expensive material in $$$, and last but not least metal has a higher collector’s value because it lasts longer and is easier to transport without breakage.

      • I like the resin because you save a lot of assembly time and can repair it easily. Breaking a tiny metal Rackham sword or part can be a hell to repair…

  • Tommygun

    Does anyone know how big it is?
    Is it on a 40mm or 60mm base?

    • Nightbee


  • I was planning to get one as well as Mac Syro+ Fiannas AND the Molochs. I knew and unerstood that these mini would be more expensive than former metal long runs. But… I simply can’t afford to buy all of them at such high price.
    I would have expected a Cyclope at 60$ (twice the price of the metal mini) but he’s almost as expensive as a titan…
    I’m going to save my money for the molochs (if they’re under 100$) and hope to get them before they sell out.