Confrontation Classic Coming to Kickstarter Next Year

I remember when Confrontation first came out. At the time, at my LGS, all we really had were GW games. Then Confrontation and Warmachine showed up at basically the same time and split the community almost down the middle. I tried a little bit of both. However, as time went on, Confrontation ebbed away while Warmachine kept on the rise. Many people miss the Confrontation system. Well, next year, their wait for its return will be over. The game will be making its way to Kickstarter for a rebirth.

From the announcement:

Sans Detour announced they will be launching Confrontation Classic via a Kickstarter campaign the first semester of 2018.
Confrontation Classic will be a tribute to the original game and will be re-issued in a Prestige Edition.
Confrontation Resurrection, which will be set after the Rag’Narok is planned for 2019.


  • Davos Seaworth

    It makes sense to bring it back. I just wonder about all of the competition in the space these days. If they screw up, then it becomes “just another KS minis game” that dies after the initial sell-through.

    • Benevolence

      Agreed. I love a buckets-o-minis KS as much as the next gamer, but I hope this doesn’t go that route.

      At the time, Confrontation raised the bar on artistry in gaming. The rules were passable…I don’t think they’ve aged well at all. But certainly there is space in the gaming market for a 5-10 minis per side, especially high quality, type game.

      • odinsgrandson

        Confrontation really raised the bar, but now the bar has been raised. A lot of companies produce minis that are as good (some better) than the old Confrontation stuff.

        They’re still quite good, but I don’t think new Confrontation can wow me like Rackham used to.

        But the competition is pretty stiff these days. They really need to stand out in order to take a regular place on any gaming tables around here.

        • Benevolence

          Agreed, there are great mini makers. But I’m not seeing anything regularly played that has deep compelling rules (i.e. opposite of GW) at the 5-10 mini level, in the fantasy genre. In my area, Infinity is fulfilling this on the sci-fi side, but nothing fantasy.

          • ZeeLobby

            Bushido comes close. Obviously with an Asian tilt.

  • Tam Song

    I recall being amazed at Confrontation figs, Wolfen especially. I agree Rackham raised the bar and it has pretty much stayed up there ever since. That said, I’d give Confrontation another chance if they’d clarify/translate the rules. Wonder if the figs will be metal, resin, or plastic.

  • odinsgrandson

    There’s an “after” to the Ragnorok?

    • Robert Armstrong

      Now that’s an interesting question for you of all folks to ask 🙂 After Ragnarok, there is a new ‘Earth’ remade, and six of the old Norse gods either survive or return from the dead to exist there (along with some humans) – Vidar, Vali, Hodur, Baldr, Magni and Modi.

      The first four are all sons of Odin, but the last two are sons of Thor – so technically, Odin’s grandsons…

      • odinsgrandson

        Oh, yeah, you got me. I’m a descendant of a king that proclaimed himself to be Odin incarnate (his own family did not include Thor or Baldur- those were later allocated to him in regions where Odin was worshiped as the supreme god).

        But I always thought that Confrontation lore was more like the Eric the Viking interpretation of Ragnorok (a long period that includes lots of violence and finishes with a big bang).

        Are the Norse gods actually a part of the Confrontation setting?

        • Robert Armstrong

          The Confrontation ‘lore’ is… confusing, to me anyway. Their world of Aarklash feels half-completed and just a general, rather vague, ‘setting or backdrop which varied somewhat between the editions of the rules. I happily agree it’s certainly not the Norse Ragnarok they have in mind (I think they just took a cool sounding name for the end of the world, then left out almost everything ‘Norse myth’ about it)… but I couldn’t resist teasing Odin’s grandson about the ‘after’ for the ‘proper’ Ragnarok 😉

          • odinsgrandson

            Fair enough- I did totally step into that one.

  • Kaleb Eubank

    If Rackham had never tried to screw FFG it might still be going strong, along with AT43.

  • ZeeLobby

    Between this, Steamforges new game, legion and likely more, it’s going to be a busy year.

  • Fun fact, as a backer of Guilds of Cadwallon, I was promised a preview of Confrontation Phoenix edition. That was 2012. Can you guess how that worked out? So yeah, republish the old rules. That way no one has to work on it (probably).

    Not to be too pessimistic, but Rackham’s IP has been mismanaged from the start. Great models, fantastic art, and an interesting world, flushed down the toilet.

    There’s so much more I’d like to see from Rackham’s IP. How about updating the Cadwallon RPG? License it for Pathfinder or Savage Worlds or Fate. Bring back and expand the Hybrid Board game (with or without minis). Make some new board games. Make a great card game about fantasy skirmishing even.

    This is coming from a big fan. I have plenty of original Confrontation minis. I have Guilds of Cadwallon. I have Arcana (both the AEG and FFG editions). I have Hybrid, the expansion, and I hunted down the extra models and cards. I even have the Cadwallon RPG in English.