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About Community Shared Stories

Community stories are coming soon to There is a vibrant community of more than 70,000 gamers who visit each month and we want to hear from you! While our editors can cover the big news, we know that our audience has a variety of interests we may not get to everyday. This is your chance to share the gaming news you find interesting and would like to discuss with other gamers.

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How it Works

Gamers submit links to sites and stories they find interesting. When you’re new to the community, stories are moderated but as you gain karma, your stories are published faster.

When you see a story that you like, vote it up. The top stories appear on the homepage based on their votes, comments and time the story was added. New stories have a good chance to start out high on the list but if they don’t get votes or comments, they will quickly float down.

Discuss stories and vote for comments from others that you like. The best comments will rise to the top and you’ll reward good comments with karma points.

Community Guidelines

The success of the TGN community depends on you. We are able to provide some moderation and guidelines but ultimately, great gamer participation is what makes the TGN community great.

Kinds of Stories to Submit

On-Topic: Anything that good gamers would find interesting. That includes more than just games themselves, but it should be game related. Try and submit links to good content.

Off-Topic Most stories about politics, or crime, or sports, unless they're evidence of some interesting new phenomenon that is game-related. Videos of pratfalls or disasters, or cute animal pictures. If they'd cover it on TV news, it's probably off-topic.

In Submissions
  • Please submit the original source. If the link reports on something found on another site, send the link to the original site.
  • Please don't capitalize or otherwise stylize titles to make your story stand out.
  • If you're linking to a review, video, podcast or kickstarter, please add [Review],[Video],[Podcast] or [Kickstarter] to your title to help readers.
  • If the title includes the name of the site, please remove it because the site name from the URL will appear automatically.
  • Try and use the original article title unless it is linkbait or otherwise doesn't explain the story.
  • Please don't submit so many links that your stories dominate the homepage. Be reasonable and share.
In Comments
  • Be kind. Don't be snarky. Comments should get more thoughtful and substantive, not less, as a topic gets more divisive.
  • When you disagree, please reply to the argument, not the person. Don't call someone an idiot, explain why their argument is flawed instead.
  • Assume good faith until people demonstrate otherwise.
  • Don't post shallow, dismissive comments like 'that sucks.' Instead, explain why you don't like something.
  • Please don't use TGN for political or ideological battle. That destroys the community.
  • Throwaway accounts are ok for sensitive information, but please don't create accounts routinely. TGN is a community—users should have an identity that others can relate to.