Comment Code of Conduct

Tabletop Gaming News has comment areas where readers are invited to post opinions about news items, reviews or articles. We ask that people wanting to post follow a few simple guidelines.

  • The comments section of the site are for discussion of the news item, review or post and are not a general area for people to discuss areas tangentially related to the news.
  • Please address products and the behavior of the companies not individual people in those companies or involved with those products.
  • Express aesthetic opinions in first person with a possible reasoning (“I don’t like the sculpt because…” instead of “Nobody will buy that horrible sculpt”).
  • Use non-offensive language. No swearing please.
  • No personal attacks.
  • Don’t comment on the state of mind of other people.
  • No trolling.
  • Respect other people’s opinions.
  • Critique products all you want but please provide a reason for your opinions.

Examples of comments we don’t want to see:

  • Mr. Gamesmith, of TooManyTablesGames, is an idiot if he wants us to believe that.
  • Anyone who buys those is crazy.
  • Those minis are utter crap.

Ways to express these same comments:

  • I always feel that TooManyTablesGames is trying to deceive its customers with press releases like this, as they are often exposed as less than truthful. This has led me to avoid purchasing from them.
  • I wont be buying these. They are too expensive for what I need for my gaming.
  • These miniatures all appear to have poor proportions. Note the large heads and clumsy looking hands on the second one. I prefer a more realistic look.

TGN fully supports an open and lively debate of all the content on the site but it is our aim to help to foster an online dialogue that is more interesting than the usual fare of comments and critique that you often find online. Readers should feel free to posts critical comments. All we ask is that you do so in a manner that offers opportunity to continue a dialogue by exploring your reasons for an opinion instead of stifling it.