Coming Soon page at Wargames Factory

Wargames Factory have added a product status page to their website.

From their announcement:

Wargames Factory have launched a new page that lets you keep up to date with all the new releases that are coming your way.

The regularly updated page shows you where the sets are in the process once sculpting has finished and they go into production: In Tooling, On the Boat, Shipping.

Right now we have the following sets in the works:

  • WSS – on the boat
  • Persian Infantry – on the boat
  • Viking Bondi – on the boat
  • Orcs – on the boat
  • Amazons – in tooling
  • Skeletons – in tooling
  • Persian Cavalry – in tooling

All of these will be out by the end of the year – along with a few others that are in the works.