• I’m supporting this! Love the sculpts!!!

  • blkdymnd

    Me too, dammit (shakes fist at kickstarter!). This is what I always envisioned for Wargods that they never were able to achieve. Looks solid, sucks I have to wait til May.

  • keltheos

    What happened to Spinespur?

    • D.C. left and moved on…

    • KelRiever

      Uh, no, that is not what happened to SpineSpur. That is what happened to DC.

      SpineSpur is there. You can buy it. There’s figures for it. Though I think there are other releases to still happen.

      • ComfyGuy

        DC was offered a job with PP and decided to take it while we worked together.

        I had Life issues put CCG of Hiatus for a few years, but now were back and this is a re-launch. We still have Spinespur, always have. Just didn’t have the ability in personal time to promote it. Now that I do, were back on course. If things go well, we will just have 2 game systems for people to enjoy.

        Derek, long time no see!

      • KelRiever

        I know it has been a while, but I’ve been lurking. I think your Kickstarter is the perfect way to go about your next game.

        It’s October. Its the perfect time to break out SpineSpur, by the way. Honestly…what is scarier than Mister Jingles? There’s something wrong with him…just sayin’ 😀

  • Veritas

    This looks great. I’m just worried about the 35,000 initial goal for a small indie company. If they could have kept it to 10~15k and then had more stretch goals I think it would be getting off the ground a bit faster.

    • ComfyGuy

      Don’t worry. As long as people pledge it will happen. We are using top sculptors and painters, any project that uses the best guys around tends to do O.K. The other point is we are offering 4 models on 40mm bases and one on a 50mm base for the same price other companies give you a small, medium and large model for and call it a deal. We could have made 3 figure boxes for $50 and artificially added in 2 more models as stretch goals to make you feel like we are doing you a favor, but we have always been honest with out customers and were not gonna start sneaky crap now.

      Look at it this way, each model in each box set is costing you under $11 a model. When was the last time you got a Medium based model of great quality for that price, let alone a large large one.

      We have a good product and I have faith in her.

  • I’ll have to wait to see more greens and actual sculpts. So far, I’m not impressed with the digital artwork.

  • blkdymnd

    I don’t care as much for artwork, the actual sculpts look really good. I’m sure the others will be just as decent.

    • ComfyGuy

      The greens will be posted as soon as the sculptors get them to me. Jason Weibe is doing the Frost Giant (were looking into clear blue resin for that one) Bobby Jackson is doing Jokul Frosti, Vlad Junger is on Brynhild, Tim Prow is doing Achillies, Patrick Keith is on the Norse Troll and Gene Van Horne is working on Medusa. The names alone should tell you what kind of quality you will see.