Color Warz: Dark Threat reboot launched on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Oct 10th, 2013

Devil Pig Games along with Fluo Games and Ammon Miniatures had relaunched their Color Warz: Dark Threat Kickstarter campaign. They’ve got updated add-on information, along with streamlined pledge levels and some new artwork to show off.


From the relaunch:

Color Warz : Dark Threat is the Color Warz : Paint Brawl sequel.

This new game stages an epic battle between the colors unified around the Chosen One to the Wooden King and his black paint. This two players board game proposes an asymmetric gameplay: each player has different abilities and characters. The players don’t have the same goals. It’s a standalone game with some bridges with the previous boardgame: Paint Brawl.

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  • joshuar56

    I see they didn’t fix any real issues with the project. Perhaps they thought just restarting would be good enough, and that some how they would get a different result?

  • kakou

    @ joshuar56, you should be the same joshua than in our previous KS campaign. Sorry to tell you that but we made some changes. 5 pledges instead of 15. Making lower prices and focus the campaign on the boardgame. Around -10% on all the miniatures. Much more explainations on all our goals.

    Now, as I ever said to you, we do not make plastic miniatures so we can not make plastic prices.

    Best regards, Fabien [FLUO Games]

  • joshuar56

    Well, unfortunately, I think your project well end up right where it was before. The combination of not being in US dollars, and very expensive miniatures will be a big turn off to a lot of potential backers. I do think it’s a good thing that you cleaned up a lot of clutter on the main page, but I never saw that as the project’s biggest issue.

  • Darkover

    I beg to differ. The new project is a huge improvement over the old one, and it convinced me to jump in.

    The VIP pledge level is amazing and the new structure with less pledge levels and clear stretch goals will really help this game. And since It’s usually no problem for European backers to understand US-Dollar campaigns, I don’t think people from the US will have too many issues converting the prices…

  • kakou

    Regarding the USD convertion, we did not forget American customers. It was just an ergonomic matter. We had only 48 hours to reboot the campaign and we had not enough space to put all pounds, euros and dollars at time.However we are currently working on it. It will on line very soon. Fabien [FLUO Games]

  • Ok, I obviously had to clean this up a bit.

    Now, as you all know, I don’t tend to do that sort of thing that often.

    If you don’t like a project and don’t want to back it, you are free to say so (notice how a couple posts remain that do just that), but it’s when it gets to be a back-and-forth between specific people about things other than just the game as presented, that’s when it’s time to clean stuff up.