Codex: Imperial Knights Limited Edition available to Order

Games Workshop is taking down names of those of you gamers that want their new Codex: Imperial Knights book as soon as it’s available.
Non-Limited-edition version also available to pre-order.


From the announcement:

Only 2000 individually numbered copies worldwide and exclusive to This is a fantastic opportunity to add the Limited Edition of the very first Codex: Imperial Knights to your collection.

This Limited Edition Codex contains all the written content of the standard codex and a separate art wallet which holds 7 Knight art prints. The codex and wallet are presented together in a black slipcase – which has a luxurious soft-touch finish.

  • roninjotatan

    anyone think this is going to be a hot item? worth picking up?

    • Soulfinger

      I think you get it so that you can set it out on the table prior to unpacking your army from that HUGE case that you carry it around in. Your opponent will be all like “Oh no, he didn’t!” and you’ll be like, “Oh yes . . . I didn’t . . .” and then you bring out your all infantry force, which your opponent doesn’t find at all funny, because it’s a tournament game so he has no sense of humor.

      • 4tonmantis

        I’ve taken mostly infantry Orks and IG to RTTs before.. and my opponents groaned and it made me pretty self conscious.. but I think in this instance I would probably take as looooooong as I possibly could.

  • Haibane

    So the only actual rules in this are for two variants of a single model? I’m as gullible as the next GW fan, but I’m not forking out for that thanks O__o

    • 4tonmantis

      Rules??? Hahaha.. yeah that costs extra.. this is just a nicely adorned book with silver lined pages.. which are all blank except for a watermark of a knight snickering at you.

  • KelRiever

    It is important to buy limited edition GW rulebooks which will be good for now 3 years or less on average, and more likely 6 months, before some new army book or rules, or ruleset, makes the content of your limited edition rulebook useless. Then it can sit on a shelf like a log with really interesting artwork….but it won’t matter because gotta get the next limited edition book!

    • mathieu

      3 years or less on average is a completely made-up number. Going through the most recent releases:

      Dwarves just came out, previous one was in 2006 (8 years);
      Tyranids 01.2014 previous 01.2010 (4 years);
      Dark elves 10.2013, previous one 08.2006 (7 years);
      Space Marines 09.2013, previous one 10.2008 (5 years);
      Lizardmen 4.5 years;

      And so forth, High Elves 5.5 years, Eldar 7 years, Daemons 5 years, Tau 7 years, WoC 4 years, VC 4 years, Empire 5 years, OK 5.5,…

      Sure army books and codices tend to become obsolete faster than players wished they did, but the “average” is probably closer to 5-6 years rather than 3.

  • KelRiever

    It is a made up number, but you are missing my point.

    I’m estimating that is the maximum amount of time you have to buy an army, build it and paint it before something in the game makes it useless. It is still a game with incredibly lopsided results (heck, why even call it a game with such imbalance?) Sure, there are, MAYBE, a few exceptions, but likely few to none. You buy something, you paint it, you play it at whatever the current point creep scale recommends….and you better believe that it won’t last if even it has a slight chance of winning games. In fact, there’s a good chance, unless you are spray bombing your army, that you won’t get done with it by the time it is defunct.

    If you go by printing of the rulebooks, sure. Except that long before a new rulebook comes out, the time it takes your prior built army to become useless without having to buy $100 or more of new figures is a lot faster than that.

  • keltheos

    Or, you could get it because, you know…you’re a fan and have the $$ and you think it’s cool and want it because you want it…

    • KelRiever

      You could. But I am not really making fun of that either. However, at this point, I think to call it a rulebook is a complete joke. It is an artbook with nicely printed, mostly old, art, and nicely printed, mostly old, fluff.

      Nothing wrong with that if that is what you want. They release special, way too expensive, editions of comic books all the time. They’ve been in print before, people have read them, there might be a new interview here or there, the binding is spectacular, it may have a highly decorative cover….but that’s what buying a new GW book is as far as I am concerned.