CMON to Publish Cthulhu in the House

One of the comics I’ve read for longer than pretty much any other is Dork Tower. I remember getting some compilation issue decades ago and carrying it around with me in my gaming backpack. I think it finally disintegrated a couple years back. So I love seeing when John Kovalic has a new game coming out. Such is the case with Cthulhu in the House, a game that CoolMiniOrNot will be publishing soon.


The game is based on the Rumble in the Dungeon and Rumble in the House games from Flatlined Games. Spaghetti Western Games is getting in on the action as well (it’s like a super-group of a game). In the game, various Old Ones are looking to see who will be able to last the longest (becoming an even Older One, I suppose). You must keep your identity secret from the other players, lest you find yourself ousted from the house. If you feel the heat getting too high, jump in a portal to safety. Or use them to gang up on other Elder Gods.

The game will be available for the first time at the CMON booth at Gen Con. John Kovalic will also be around if you’d like to get your game signed (times to be announced for when he’ll be in the booth).


  • Michael

    It looks like this version adds some **MUCH** needed whistles & bells to the mix. The original game (with it’s reskin) is substantially less mechanical complex than tic-tac-toe.

    As much as I love Kovalic’s style, both originals looked “fun” in their own right, even if the game isn’t.

    Upgraded or not, $25 is still robbery. But this IS SJG we’re talking about.