CMON Previews Spoiler Abomination For Zombicide: Invader

You can’t have a Zombicide without an Abomination. They’re the greatest threat to the Survivors, as they’re nearly impossible to defeat. Zombicide: Invader is no different, with its own brand of Abomination called the Spoiler Abomination. It spreads the horrible Mold throughout the mining facility. Too much Mold the Survivors lose. Get a look at this huge beast in this preview.

From the post:

The Spoiler Abomination is more concerned with destruction than anything else. As it lumbers through the mining base, it leaves a disgusting, corrosive Mold that eats a away everything it touches. The giant Spoiler Abomination figure dwarfs the Survivors.

Zombicide: Invader is coming to Kickstarter on April 10 at 3PM EST.