CMON Expo Panel Spotlight: Development and Design

CMON Expo is a great place to get to talk directly with gaming insiders, including the designers of some of your favorite games out there. So what does it take to make a game from soup to nuts? This panel is a good place to find out.


About the panel:

From early concept and initial mechanics to play testing and shipping a product, development and design are the twin sisters of building a game. Often confused with one another, development and design are actually two separate parts of the creation process and sometimes are even handled by two completely different teams. In this panel we’ll discuss how these two parts both benefit from each other and look at some examples of how games change from the design phase to the development phase. Ted Terranova (designer, Rivet Wars), Eric M. Lang (designer, KaosBall), Michael Shinall (research and development, CMON), and David Doust (director, CMON) will answer questions from the attendees and moderator.