CMON Expo Panel Spotlight: Zombicide Season 3: Changing the Game

CMON Expo is just a few, short weeks away. Be one of the first while there to check out Season 3 of Zombicide



From the post:

When the undead first showed up in Season 1, humanities’ biggest concern was survival. By Season 2, Survivors had become warriors. Now, Zombicide Season 3 is turning the whole game on its head. Survivors are forming groups, and those groups are just as dangerous as the zombies. David Preti (Guillotine Games) and Thiago Aranho (producer, Zombicide) will be on hand to discuss how the addition of a competitive mode will change the game you know and love. As if that wasn’t enough, be sure to attend as there will be an exclusive special announcement concerning season 3! A Q&A session will also be held near the end of the session.