CMON Announces Zombicide: Green Horde

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Apr 4th, 2017

Overnight, CMON’s Rising Sun Kickstarter came to an end. It did alright. If you consider $4.2 million, “alright.” o,O
As has become customary, the end of the old campaign ushers in an announcement of a new one. In this case, it’s a new expansion for Zombicide: Black Plague. In this case, it’s Green Horde. Yes, as if humans, wolves, and crows weren’t bad enough, now the survivors of the zombie plague will have to fight zombie orcs and goblins.

From the announcement:

Zombicide has been dethroned as the biggest CMON campaign, but soon it will have a chance to retake its crown. We hope you will join us again for our next Kickstarter campaign, coming at the end of May: Zombicide: Green Horde! This sequel to the smash hit Zombicide: Black Plague, will bring players back into a world of deadly medieval fantasy, this time filled with infected orcs and goblins who will put survivors to the ultimate test. This green menace is not only stronger than their human counterparts, but they also tend to gather into massive hordes that ambush the survivors when they least expect it. Uncover the many surprises the Green Horde has in store for you!


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  • Davos Seaworth

    Safe & predictable. Makes sense.

    • odinsgrandson

      Yeah- they’ll go through at least three versions of Black Plague- and after that I suppose they might get into some science fiction zombicide for three iterations.

      But to be fair, Zombicide Black Plague is a fun game.

      • Davos Seaworth

        Agreed. Then in late summer we’ll get the Game Of Thrones… err… “A Song Of Ice & Fire” minis game Kickstarter. So that will be worth watching too.

        • odinsgrandson

          That’s right. They’re actually working with Dark Sword on that one, right?

          Just when I start thinking of CMON as an all board game company, they get back into tabletop minis games.

          • BDub

            When were they out?

          • odinsgrandson

            A few years ago, they announced that they weren’t going to do any more tabletop miniatures games, and just stick with Dark Age and Wrath of Kings.

            As I recall, it was before the actual split with Spodapop, so it had folks worried about Relic Knights, and it also got some people upset who were hoping to see CMON do a new Confrontation.

          • BDub

            Ok, but the were doing Dark Age and WoKs so they weren’t out, perhaps not adding new ones, but not out. II would have taken out to have menat selling-off/discontinuing those properties that are on-going, in addition to not creatin any new ones.

      • BDub

        Don’t forget the cycle will also have Massive Darkness to contend with.

  • Grimbergen

    Is the modern day Zombicide series ended? I was hoping for an outdoors expansion/base game next.

    • odinsgrandson

      It could go either way from here. I mean, they might release more core sets, but their team is definitely working on Black Plague stuff right now.

      Kind of like how Fallout makes the next Elder Scrolls game take a bit longer (or at least seem to).

  • BDub

    If this is an expansion on the level of Wolfsburg, it seems they could just release it instead of doing a Kickstarter.

    Doing a Kickstarter for a new and unproven product-line makes sense from a risk perspective, but in the case of Z:BP they know what their sell-through was on that product…just develope and release accordingly.