CMON Announces Launch Date For HATE Kickstarter

The new year is starting off with a bang at CMON. They have announced that they will be launching their Kickstarter campaign for HATE on January 16th. They’ve also announced that this will be a Kickstarter-exclusive game. What does that mean? What does it entail? How will this affect retailers? They knew you would have questions, so they’ve come up with a FAQ with all the answers.

From the post:

From the minds that brought you Zombicide and Massive Darkness, comes an all new world of violence and survival unlike any you’ve seen before: HATE, inspired by Adrian Smith’s Chronicles of HATE graphic novel series. Guillotine Games and CMON’s new game comes exclusively to Kickstarter on January 16, 2018 at 3:00PM EST.


  • odinsgrandson

    So the whole game is Kickstarter Exclusive?

    I guess we’ve seen this before in a few places (7th Continent pretty recently).

    Part of me wonders if this is a test to see if CMON even needs normal retail channels.

    But then again, they’ve skipped kickstarter for a lot of smaller releases (mostly card games).

    • Kingdom Death is another Kickstarter-exclusive game.

      And trust me, CMON is not trying to distance itself from retailer channels. A main reason for the way the Song of Ice and Fire campaign was the way it was is due to wanting the game’s focus to be in the retailers’ shops. Same goes for the way that the CMON Play program is set up.

      • odinsgrandson

        Kingdom Death isn’t KS exclusive- I got the game and loads of stuff without going through the kickstarter. It is just expensive, but that’s a different problem.

        • Ghool

          KD:M is still in stock in the Kingdom Death shop. So not KS exclusive, nor sold out.

          • odinsgrandson

            Oh, they have it in stock now? They definitely sold through their first run completely, but I thought they might still be fulfilling pledges.

            I think the Incursion kickstarter was KS exclusive (at least for that printing of the game).

          • Ok, my mis-remembering. It’s not that it was Kickstarter exclusive, it’s that it was never going to go to retail. That was my bad.

          • odinsgrandson

            Yeah- I remember when he said it first, I was pretty astonished (I figure he’d make a lot less money only selling through his store).

            But now- there’s an awful lot of cool games that my LGS won’t or can’t stock.


    I HATE Kickstarter.

    • Well played, Pray for Mojo. Well played.


        The game looks interesting, but I am done with Kickstarter. It’s not even about the products that never delivered, though I’ve suffered that a couple times. It’s how most Kickstarter products I have played were terrible. I don’t trust that a game is any good – tabletop or video games – until after it’s in the hands of non-backers. You can’t even trust a review from someone who was part of the Kickstarter hype bandwagon.