Club Fantasci: What Comes Around, Goes Around in Social Media editorial

By Polar_Bear
In Editorial
Aug 21st, 2014

Club Fantasci’s David Lowry gives us his thoughts on reciprocation in social media promotions.



From the post:

One of the most frustrating things about running social media accounts and trying to help people grow their audiences is the complete lack of reciprocation. Many people complain about how hard it is to get a larger audience but then do nothing to try to increase it. They get stuck in their little clicks of people they always interact with, don’t think about interacting with others or reciprocating all the work other people put into them.

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  • Talarius

    ??????? What does this have to do with tabletop gaming? Why is this a news article?

    • It’s an editorial about the relationships between game companies and gaming blog sites (such as the one you’re reading this on, actually) and how the best partnerships are ones of reciprocation, where each one helps bolster the other.

      Many gaming companies read this site, as do many bloggers. So having such a story could help the two out.

      For your casual gamer, no, maybe this isn’t the most helpful post, but it does help out some readers.
      Think of it as a story about historicals when you don’t play historical minis. This one just isn’t targeted at you, in-particular.

  • AccessDenied

    Well, then, I’ll reciprocate with my own complaint. It’s “… their little cliques of people …” not “… their little clicks of people …” Unless they’re talking about WizKids.