ClearHorizon Miniatures 28mm Nemesis Light Strike Vehicle – Preorders Available

By Polar_Bear
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Nov 27th, 2014

ClearHorizon Miniatures has started taking orders for their new 28mm Nemesis Light Strike Vehicle.
Be the first gamer on your block with this new mini when it’s released.


From the announcement:

The 3D print of the 28mm scale Nemesis arrived today!

Here are some pictures next to 28mm Infinity figures for size comparison!

I’ll be doing a video and formal announcement later, but it’s available for preorder now at

If you preorder it’s only $26.99 USD, saving $2.00 USD!

Note: This is a test print, we noticed that the right side tire treads go the wrong way! This is already being corrected and will be fixed for the final model.

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  • Haibane

    Nice design – might pick one up to go along with the 4-wheeler I got from Antenocitis Workshop (which I can’t see on their site any more? O__o)

  • KelRiever

    There was a parting of ways, not too long ago, and maybe the missing vehicle had something to do with that. Or who knows, maybe it is just out of production.

    This thing looks great for its price and when infinity gets to the front burner, I may get one. I think infinity is an atrocious ‘tournament’ game but it’s one of the best ‘basement’ miniatures games. And that’s what matters to me. Plus it’ll be fun for us coming up with what this vehicle may do