Citadel Finecast Tomb Kings released

By tgn_admin
In Age of Sigmar
Jun 11th, 2011

Games Workshop have released a new series of Citadel Finecast Tomb Kings figures.


  • KaneBlaireau

    Melts in the sun, not in your hand! Sorry.

    Seriously cool models, though!

    • Zac

      Melts in the sun, not in your hand!

      Any resin figure with thin parts will, IIANM, suffer the same fate when heated.Its not just a problem with GW resin minis.

      • Guinny

        It’s a shame they don’t have access to a material which won’t do that. Maybe some sort of low melting-point metal mixture?

        Facetious comments aside, my local store (in the North of England, so not exactly a tropical climate!) has a Dark Elf Reaper Bolt Thrower in the cabinet, which seems to be sagging dangerously already.

        If it was a new company coming out with miniatures made in this material, I’d give them some slack, but GW had a great range of miniatures, made in a material that cast really well, which they have dumped, without any sort of consultation with their customer base. If they can’t get the quality issues dealt with, then I really hope someone there has the stones to turn round and admit it doesn’t work, and to go back to something which has worked for decades.

  • cybogoblin

    My FLGS had these on the shelves yesterday. I asked them if they’d painted up any of the new resin themselves yet, either for store display or their personal armies. The answer was a flat ‘no’. Turns out they’re no longer receiving Black Boxes from GW, and they haven’t felt the need to purchase any of the new resins for their existing armies.

    We also had an amusing moment when another customer came into the store to return a faulty finecast Castellen Crowe. Turns out there was a large block of resin attached to his cloak and left leg. The staffer went and got him a replacement… which had the exact same casting fault. Luckily, they still had a metal version in stock, so he ended up getting that one as a replacement.

    Yay Failcast.

  • Sejanus

    Woe the effects of gravity on an aging figure.
    To see something so beloved starting to sag and droop to the ground.
    Just not attracting our eyes as it once did.
    To lose the..wait a minute…we are talking about resin minis right?

  • TheLeadDragon

    3 miniatures for $50??? I realize these are large units (at least larger than a human-sized miniature), but wow, that seems pretty steep.

    • scarletsquig

      These actually represent a price reduction from the old metal miniatures.

      GW lowered the price to compensate for moving to a lower-quality material. 🙂

      • Hisst Ka

        Lowered the price? They raised the price!

        • Veritas

          The Ushabti actually ARE cheaper now. They were like 13.50 each in metal and are now 30 for 3.

        • Zac

          The metal Ushtabi are more expensive but these new resin figures are cheaper than the metal figs are.


    According to the ZUC theory (Zac Universal Currency), you have three GW minis for a little less than GW3.00

    Seems like a not so bad deal to me 😉

    • Zac

      Those figs are less than a GW each so they are a pretty good deal comparatively. 🙂

  • phoenixman

    there seem to be LOT of issues with minis and many are being returned/swapped.

    they are even being sarcastically referred to as ‘MISCAST’ in the gaming community within the UK.

    just got into Dystopian Wars from Spartan Games and have not had a single issue with their resin stuff so if they can get it right…………

    • mechaace

      Don’t know if they use a different kind of resin from Spartan Games, and having bought stuff (and admittedly sold it, though that was because everybody stopped playing the game where I am) I’ve had some stuff from Spartan Games that has had some horrible bits of resin with loss of detail etc.

      • Zac

        Recently or during their first Firestorm Armada releases?

        I had some bad casts with my FA figures but the DW releases have been almost flawless so far. I think that they are using a new resin and using a new moulding technique.

        • mechaace

          Admittedly this was during the first line of releases for Firestorm Armada and Uncharted Seas. Haven’t bought any of the Dystopian Wars stuff as just not sure about it, but that’s a whole different issue of mine non-related to the miniatures.

          • Zac

            Admittedly this was during the first line of releases for Firestorm Armada and Uncharted Seas.

            Production and QA/QC have improved dramatically since then.

  • I went to the local GW all set to buy the Casket of Souls…but then I turned it around and saw the $67.00 (CDN) price tag. It’s just too much – GW is finally starting to exceed my price limit on some of these releases and I have a lot of disposable income.