• Grim6

    Very interesting review (thank you Chrome translation!). It’s amazing to see the comparison between the resin and metal versions. I checked out the pics before reading, and in both cases, the version I thought looked better turned out to be the metal one. Kind of disappointing.

  • kevinj4

    Very well done, especially once I figured how to translate it from German!

    I bought the 2nd wave of Tomb Kings models this week and had issues with the Ushapti archers and the tomb prince made of scarabs. The Tomb prince had a bubble which obscured a chunk of detail and the Ushapti was missing an arm as well as had a leg deformed from casting.

    Overall, the figures are nice but I think the detail seems to be that it is easier to see/pick out in the resin over the metal version. When I paint, I normally do a black primer then a misting of grey to let me see the details easier. Doing this, I don’t see the big difference between the two models.

    The one point I really appreciated with the German article is how this will severly reduce the 2nd had market of their minis since they aren’t as durable and can’t be stripped of paint as easily as metal. Could this be a factor in their decision?

    I also have concerns about the issue of heat distorting the model as I do travel a lot with my minis. I will be really upset if I opened up my suitcase to find my tomb kings looking like they need a shot of Viagra.

    Lots to think about.

  • 4tonmantis

    I dunno.. there was more crispness in the resin (to me) and as much as I hate to admit it, some of the original charm of the sculpt was restored… The flash on the resin is a little more unattractive but it’s also easier to clean… I can’t stand the metal stringy vent-hole flash.. I always miss bits of it and it ends up coming out later and causing flaking. That being said, there is a lot to be desired in the resin.. some things (like the warping no Grimnar’s wolf-pelt head) should have been fixed if it was being recast. I also would have preferred to see better sprue layout.. the tubing looks like it’s just bent plastic rod.. IMO if you’re going to re-do something people already accept as playable and charge more, you should a) make it look professional and b) offer an improvement over the old. Either way, I won’t be buying any “finecast” in the foreseeable future.

    • While resin might be easier to clean (with which I disagree: filing is always easier to control than cutting), the article stated that the overall time spent on cleaning was actually higher on the resin miniature.