Cipher Studios previews Twilight Knight sculpt for Hell Dorado Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Alternate History
Sep 24th, 2013

Cipher Studios gives everyone an update on their Hell Dorado Kickstarter campaign and shows off the Twilight Knight mini.


From the update:

The Inferno book is going off to the printer Monday. The revised Core book and cards will go off later in the week. After the files are reviewed by the printer we’ll be able to get a good handle on the delivery date and will update when we get it.

We will send out the PDF invites for the Inferno book to those at the Hell Gate and above levels near the end of next week.

Everyone has been wonderfully patient and we greatly appreciate it. We are very ready to get this baby out!

The Twilight Knight is sculpted and here she is

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  • She’s got a touch of bobblehead syndrome…

  • Disgruntled Goat

    For a funny picture, ask her to sheath her weapon.

    After all these years, sculptors just don’t get it when it comes to weapons.

  • Chris_walton

    My God, it’s like sculptors exaggerate things to covey scale. Crazy!

    • BaconSlayer

      Still doesn’t explain the horrific proportions or the train wreck face.

  • I checked out the close up on their kickstarter page, and I think it’s an amazing sculpt. I don’t have a problem with the scale or proportions, as I believe it is a matter of styling and not super-realism. Over-sized weapons and anime proportions are fine by me! When I want reality, I don’t play fantasy games…

    • I basically have every original Hell Dorado figure from the Asmodee editions and this is absolutely not in line with those figures. Hell Dorado has some superb and realistic proportions on the humans…

      I reject that this is ANIME proportions – it’s as generic and empty as saying “this has movie proportions”. A majority of Japanese TV is animated and they have so many genres and subgenres that look completely different in style. The only general thing I’d accept as anime style are big eyes. This is like a Bratz doll or something.

      As for realism in figures – Yes I agree, realism goes out the window as soon as we are talking about any game really. However different games choose different elements to emphasize in the realism/fantasy department and Hell Dorado has always emphasized realistic proportions in their humans. Heck, it’s one of the only games that has the proportions down with proper sized horses (they look huge compared to GW).

      As for the design in this figure, this is supposed to be a Sarracen (the arab faction) version of the Twilight Knight and the concept art is dandy. The face alone is done well in that department as is the clothing etc, but the proportions are off. It’s not like the proportions are ever perfect, but they are usually tweaked to look good and convey a certain style in that given game and scale. This just does not follow suit.

      • Nightbee

        To be fair to Cipher (and it’s hard, as I’m not a fan of the company at all), as this is the miniature based on a Kingdom Death character, straying from the established aesthetic doesn’t seem like a huge deal.

        With that being said, I don’t like the sculpt. It’s a good thing I didn’t preorder one of them.

        • I agree with the sentiment of giving some leniency given it’s a crossover, but it doesn’t follow any of the two styles particularly well?

      • “Anime” may have not been my best word choice but by saying “anime”, I was trying to convey my opinion that I felt this was a stylized sculpt with proportions deliberately skewed to emphasize focal points of the anatomy and equipment (head, hands, feet, weapons, etc.). My intention was say that I feel the sculpt is closer to “action-oriented-shonen-animation/illustration-like style” than “real-life” without using the words “cartoon” or “cartoony” which may be read as having negative connotations.

        Without a full knowledge of the Hell Dorado or Twilight Knight, I must concede your point about this miniature not fitting in with the design of the rest of the product line. It’s never good when one product sticks out as completely divergent from the rest and looks totally out of place. Since I didn’t have a side-by-side comparison to other Hell Dorado miniatures, I was merely speaking about the sculpt as a stand alone miniature.

        • Hehe, I get what you are saying and while the term eluded me as well I think this definitely fits in under the “Heroic” scale category that emphasizes all the things you mention. Thanks Vaxillus for bringing up the term.

      • Vaxillus

        I’d actually correct that Hell Dorado is a heroic scale game and does not have realistic proportions. 6 heads is the norm, this one’s just 5.5.

        • While this is closer to 5 actually, hell dorado varies from close to 8 (some of the westerners) to 6 for some of the sarracens. Of course this is not the only measure for true scale as KD has rather small heads with giant booty and long legs 🙂

          Some of the figures in Hell Dorado are more exaggurated than others of course. In general GW is Heroic style in my book and figures from say Guild of Harmony are the most realistic I can think of in terms of proportions and would refer to them as true scale. Infinity is quite close to true scale and Confrontation kind of made it a standard in the mainstream back then when it was not that common. Hell Dorado appealed to me in the wake of Confrontation on account of the proportions being very similar and closer to true scale than most other available sculpts in this type of setting. While Hell Dorado might not be quite true scale there is a world of difference between this and what I would refer to as Heroic.