Cipher Studios previews Efrit Warriors for Hell Dorado

Cipher Studios has posted up a preview of the Efrit Warriors they’re working on for Hell Dorado.


From the preview:

The Inferno book is in my hands right now and it is glorious! So we’re going to kick off the year with some more Hell Dorado goodness in today’s deCiphered.

We’ve known what these guys were going to look like for a while now, but with the delivery of the Hell Dorado Kickstarter rewards, we’ll actually be seeing these guys hit the table quite a bit in the coming days. So what do these little 15 point flame dancers do for your company? Turns out, quite a bit.

  • mathieu

    “Preview”?! These guys have been out and on the shelves of my LGS since at least last summer… The way the Cipher guys work keep baffling me.

  • Cipher didn’t say it was a preview. The poster of this article said was a preview. Cipher was just writing a little article about the Efrit Warriors, NOT previewing them. Essentially, it’s a short strategy article on how to use the models.

    I was surprised to when I read that, as I’ve got two of them sitting right here in front of me, and I’ve had them for well over 4 months.