Cipher Studios posts Hell Dorado Kickstarter update

Cipher Studios is doing well with their Hell Dorado Kickstarter campaign. Here’s a look at what they’ve got in store as the time runs on.

From the update:

With 11 days still to go, the $55,000 Token set stretch goal has been met!

We are now announcing a new stretch goal for a set of custom Hell Dorado d6. Contributors at the Hell Gate level or above will all receive a set for free! Contributors at lower levels may purchase a set as an add on and additional sets may be added on at a cost of $5 per set. Plenty of time left, let’s hit that goal!

  • mathieu

    Such an exciting stretch goal… No wonder the KS has stalled half way through the end.

    • Mahrdol

      It feels like they are going to leave a bunch of money on the table. A missed opportunity for sure.

      • cybogoblin

        If there had been some more of the new Lost models on the table, I would have been in. As it currently stands, I’ll just wait till they come out normally.

  • Veritas

    Yea, I was wondering what possessed them to release three back-to-back stretch goals of templates and dice. Not terribly exciting.

  • Ghool

    Not even free stretch goals, but as an add-on for retail cost.

    With the added exchange rate for me, and added postage costs, I could get all of this for less from my local retailer.

    Aside from the two bonus figures, I don’t see pledging this as worth it.
    I have since pulled my funding.

    • Ghool

      My mistake, the dice are free….if you pledge $100. Still not really exciting.

  • The discount though, for the Hell Gate products makes it worthwhile if you consider retail prices, and only gets more crazy with double Hell Gate.

    • Ghool

      I’ve taken a look at the retailer I use, and the prices are exactly the same as those in the Kickstarter, except in Canadian dollars.

      I end up paying less for shipping, and don’t get hosed on the US exchange rate if I order it from my retailer.

      So, I don’t see a discount at all with the Kickstarter at all. In some cases, I can get the add-ons for cheaper than what they are offered for in the KS campaign.

      • Mahrdol

        that is funny I do

        Hellgate $100
        Inferno book $22
        Core Book $30
        KS miniature $15
        Free miniatures $15-$20
        Inferno card deck $15
        2 faction starters $60 $157 to $162 value for $100 not including art print. Around 40% off.

        That is conservative value because most of the products seems to be marked off MSRP like the core book lists for $40. Double hellgate gets even better $180 for $314 to $324 value. Around 45% off.

        • mathieu

          So that’s a kickstarter to get you (mostly) existing stuff at a discount? Again, no wonder it’s stalled half way through.

          I was very excited for this KS, very excited to finally see HD get more than mere life support from Cipher. It seems that it will end up being yet another failure to deliver anything more than the bare minimum to prevent the game from dying. I remain hopeful, but I feel that I have fewer and fewer reasons to have any faith in Cipher.

          • I guess KS has made us too expectant on all the free goodies and KS only items.

            Here is your chance to get those alternate sculpts though.

            What suggestions would you make to Cipher in regards to items in this KS that you can’t get or wont be able to get normally?

            Also, here’s your chance to support a company in promoting a game in order to build a bigger community.

          • Ghool

            The fact remains is that we’re getting these things directly from the manufacturer, and thus, they technically should be able to offer them at a decent discount…at least a little more than my retailer can give me.

            Second, they don’t provide a lot of support as-is. I’m not expectant of a ton of free goodies. But, if you’re charging me quite a bit for shipping, and retail prices for product, as a consumer, spending my money before I even have said product, yeah, I expect you to do a bit more for me.

            As it stands, I’ll be paying for this stuff several months before it’s released, and I have to pay retail cost for it? That makes no sense from a backers standpoint. The whole point of making an investment is that you get some sort of return by putting your money up front, and with this KS, the extras that are included does not give me enough incentive to do-so.

            As stated above, Hell Dorado has been on life support for two years. They’ve finally just caught up to the French releases I had 4 years ago. That’s a long time to leave a game in waiting, which has basically suffocated the franchise in my community. We were all gung-ho, had tons of models, and were ready to play.

            Then it took almost 3 years to get a rulebook. By that time, it was already dead in the water.

          • mathieu

            I really do not expect to get anything free from a KS, but I certainly hope to be wowed a bit in order to give me some incentive. A good example for me was Kingdom Death, where you’d get awesome previews every two updates. It didn’t matter to me that the stuff was free or cheaper (I had no money to invest anyway), I just felt like coming back to the KS and talking about how awesome it was.

            This KS should indeed make everybody vaguely interested in HD feel like supporting a company and re-building a community. But it feels that (once again), Cipher is purely relying on people’s existing interest to invest, promote the KS, and bring a community together rather than actually do something to incite existing and potential gamers to do these things. How Cipher started a KS without having at least a concept and a wip sculpt ready or semi-ready to show for the 6 factions of the game displays an incredible lack of foresight and professionalism. And, as the KS progresses, THEN you figure out whether you need to generate new exciting previews to keep people coming.
            Getting to the point where you only have three excruciatingly mundane stretch goals in a row only half way through the KS is embarrassing, but I don’t think it is the main reason the $/day rate has dropped pretty much exponentially. Poor planning would be one of the main reasons, I’d wager. No idea on how to keep people excited would be another… The daily rate is now getting to negative values as folks are removing their pledges, I think Cipher needs to REALLY rethink the way they are working, and quickly.

            Like I said, I was very excited about this KS. I love the game and the models, and I was hoping the KS would actually (and finally) revive a game that Cipher has only managed to maintain alive over the past 3 years.
            What this KS seems to indicate, though, is that we’re only heading to more of the same. Except, I suppose, that Cipher will have to come up with yet another new set of excuses in order to explain the painstakingly slow release schedules.

          • Mahrdol

            You can trade the core book and the core starter sets in. It is a good deal. The problem is that the KS does not have enough inferno item for existing customers to trade in for so someone like me who has everything is sitting idle waiting for more stuff to trade so I can use my credit up and add more. I hope they can get more stuff for sale and we have suggested they make a 2nd shipping date to offer more of the inferno models that have not been sculpted.

        • Ghool

          See, the thing is, those prices you listed is what I can get them for….from a retailer….in Canadian dollars.

          So, not only am I paying an extra 20-30% because of the value of my money, but I’m paying an extra $15 for shipping.

          I still don’t see how your argument supposedly holds water.

          • Mahrdol

            Because you are paying $100 for $162+ in product. So if we add $15 shipping + 20% for currency and $15 for shipping you are paying $138 for $162 in discounted product.