Cipher Studios has new Hell Dorado previews

Cipher Studios has some new Hell Dorado previews up on their website. We all love previews.

From them to you:

And now for some good news. Take a look at some of our newest upcoming Hell Dorado Models!
Get ready to raise some Hell!

  • Nightbee

    I anyone (besdies Varagon) still playing Hell Dorado? I’ve actually begun seeing it in a few shops, but the forums are pretty dead and it doesn’t get much in the way of comments on this site.

  • Piston Honda

    game has always seemed to be a very small market appeal. Perhaps destined to be so.

    I don’t play the game but own a few of the minis, they are fantastic, at least the minis I like.

  • Veritas

    I would comment and buy more if I didn’t already own all of these models from their French releases. I’m one of those gamers who can’t really get psyched up over a game with nothing new. I wish that while Cipher was rereleasing all the old stuff that they’d stick in at least one totally new model with every wave.

  • Cipher is trying to release new models to keep everyone happy by interspersing them with the old model releases.

    I can tell you to that the expansion is going to be great with a ton of new models. Some of the original members who worked on French Hell Dorado are also working with the Cipher crew to continue what was started.

    Still playing and I taught another person how to play on Friday. It’s a fun game with some great rules.

  • Lemminkaeinen

    It is indeed a very fun game. I’m waiting for the expansion before I’m going to try to get the local interest piqued once more. We had a pretty big scene back in the French days so resurrecting and expanding on it should, in theory, be pretty simple.