Cipher Studios announces Hell Dorado expansion news

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Sep 29th, 2012

Cipher Studios has an update about the next Hell Dorado expansion.

From the update:

We are proud to announce today that 2013 will see Cipher’s first Expansion for the Hell Dorado Tactical Miniatures game.

The new book, tentatively titled Hell Dorado: Inferno, will feature a multitude of new model options for everyone’s favorite Hell Dorado Factions, plus: New scenarios, new battlefields, new abilities, and a brand new arc in the Hell Dorado Story.

We plan to fund this project through Kickstarter following the Medusa Deck project. Keep an eye here for the latest updates and previews as we approach the launch date!

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  • I bet Cipher is doing the Medusa deck as a way to experiment or try out Kickstarter before jumping in with both feet on the “Inferno” expansion.

    I’m waiting with bated breath until then, and I hope the Medusa is successful so the Inferno Kickstarter will go well.

  • Veritas

    I was thinking about a last minute Dread Ball pledge, but this looks far more interesting. I’ll be saving my pennies.

  • Sisyphus

    One word: languish. I so much wanted Hell Dorado to be in good hands but frankly it’s coming along so slowly it’s agonizing. And promotions… seems dead.

    • Mastershaper

      Slowly? Sadly it’s completely dead. My gaming club organised tournaments and events but without monthly releases and support from Cypher…

    • Nightbee

      Absolutely. And most of what Cipher has done has made me wish they’d been even more idle. Oh well, I only have time for so many games, anyway.

  • mathieu

    Here’s to hoping the new book will be in decent English rather than the mediocre, hardly proofread translation we got for the core book…

  • Helldorado is an excellent game system and the miniature line is also very nice.
    Yet Cipher is a very small company and they already are in charge of Anima Tactics for example… On the other hand I prefer to see Heldorado alive in their hands thand dead without anybody to take care, even slowly, of the IP and game.
    The issue is that people need their monthly dose of miniature releases. Slow releases are perceived as a sign of decline for a game. There is a perpetual greed for commercial novelties.
    Seen this in a gaming convention while making a demo for Song of Blade and Heroes : clearly when you a have nothing material to sell people are less attracted. They want their shiny brand new models and glossy books! :o))