Cipher Studios announces Inferno, a Hell Dorado expansion, soon to be on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Alternate History
Feb 12th, 2013

Cipher Studios announced that they’re going to be making a new expansion for Hell Dorado called Inferno. They’re going to be running a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the project, which will start soon.

From the announcement:

Hey everyone and welcome back,

I am going to postpone my painting article because I thought this would be much better especially as the Hell Dorado Kick starter is just around the corner….

Now for those who are unaware I am apart of the play test teams and have had the joy of working on the new profiles to come out in the new Hell Dorado expansion: Inferno

So I though I’d tease you all with these little tidbits of information 🙂

Each faction looks to be getting 2 new officers and they are amazing! A lot of thought has gone into these new officer and each adds new elements to the various factions and new play styles.

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  • Nightbee

    If a lot of thought went into the new miniature concepts, I wish they had spent thirty seconds proofreading the announcement.

    I have no faith in Cipher and won’t trust them to produce what they promise.

  • CipherJustin

    Just to be clear. deCiphered is written by a group of volunteer Free Agents, and are not the writers in charge of the book development. The writer of Circles of Hell is a member of the beta playtest for the new rules, but is not one of the developers. Rest assured that the materials that will appear in Hell Dorado: Inferno will be every bit as good as the previous book.

    • St. Lobo

      Frankly, stating that new material will be “every bit as good as the previous book” isn’t very encouraging as the rulebook leaves a lot to be desired, some parts of it seem like they haven’t even been proofread.
      I don’t have much faith in Cipher either – because so far they have not given many reasons to have faith in them – but we shall see.

      • Ghool

        I agree. The previous rulebook had a lot of spelling errors, typos, and odd grammatical choices.
        The layout was also a bit weird, and as a result of the fluff being in such an odd configuration, I haven’t bothered to even read it.

        It’s been over two years I’ve been waiting for the current release schedule to catch up with what I already had from the French releases. If the next expansion releases this slowly, with molds already made it’ll be the final nail in the coffin for the game.

        That said, I’m still interested in seeing what’s in store. Let’s hope improvements are made.

  • Sisyphus

    … Please… Please… sell the rights and moulds to a company that has the capital and marketing to do something with what was an up and coming game. Kickstarter is sad…just sad for what potential Hell Dorado had. But with next to no releases and unheard of tourneys for what seems like dog years you fellows have given many the impression that you are uninterested or unable to properly handle the licence.

    • Mahrdol

      You assume that another company would buy it…Kickstarter is great for HD. Kickstarter sells miniatures. Cipher could work more on its communication with the player base and needs to work on hitting its release schedules. With all the old models completed now its time for them to step up and start releasing a few new figures every month. I hope this KS could be a turning point for them.

      • Sisyphus

        Yes… I assume another company would like to have the licence given a reasonable price for it.

        In any case, we’ll see how the Kickstarter goes then. That will give some indication of Cipher’s ability.

        Sure, KS sells minis for the manufacturer but not for the local game store. The question should be asked which plays a bigger part of getting HD out… local game store or manufacturer. At this point, tough to decide for me since both look pretty small.

        • Mahrdol

          I don’t see how it can hurt at this point. KS will get new players and hopefully generate renewed interest.

          • Sisyphus

            I said nothing about hurting… but after KS what can we expect? Them to change their ways? Or another KS for the next round?

          • Mahrdol

            In my opinion the game is a niche game because of its setting and mature subject so it may never be more then KS or online driven here in the US. Some brick and mortar stores will carry it but I can’t see it rivaling some of these other skirmish games. Look at kingdom Death. KS may change his fortunes.

          • Sisyphus

            GW has nearly the same level. Look at fantasy and 40k. Slaanesh, Nurgle, Khorne… sexy, poxy, carnagey…

  • What’s the purpose of KS?
    Give young or small companies cash to produce their products or produce them faster.
    This possibilty was not avaible to Cipher until recently.
    I’ll wait for this expansion to be released, and I do?t mind if it takes 6 months!
    I will certainly put a fair amount of cash on this one!
    HD is a fairly fun game it deserves my cash!

  • We have 2 new models per month planned for release, starting this month. The reason we are doing a Kickstarter is that putting out a book is extremely expensive to develop and print and as a small company of 4 people need the support of the community to make it happen. Without the support of our fans it is very likely this project will not move forward.

    Ever since the beginning of this project it has been an uphill battle to keep the game alive. After we announced we were re-releasing the game we were held up for a year getting the final details of our contract, a big part of which was getting the molds. I understand this disappointed the fans of the game, it disappointed us as well. I have been a fan of the game since before it was released. I had been encouraging my friends at Asmodee to release the game in English and after they cancelled it they gave me the chance.

    If the Kickstarter goes well we will finally be able to do the things we want to do to make the game what it should be. If not, it will be a difficult road to keep the game going.