Cipher Studios Announces Anima Tactics Discontinued

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 24th, 2015

Ninja Division, who had recently taken over Cipher Studios properties, has announced that they’re going to be discontinuing Anima Tactics. Hell Dorado will also no longer be available through distribution. Also, the Cipher Studios web store will be closing on March 13th, with all online sales to be done through Ninja Division.


From the post:

Cipher Studios announces that the Anima Tactics™ Miniature Skirmish Game is being discontinued. Anima Tactics™ has had a long run, launching in 2006 with over 150 unique characters released. The game has become unsustainable from a business standpoint due to market and global distribution changes, so the hard decision to discontinue the line had to be made.

We at Cipher Studios thank our fans for the many years of support in building a wonderful community of players and hobbyists around a game we have loved creating.

Anima Tactics™ and Hell Dorado™ will no longer be sold through distribution. The ranges for both product lines will remain available online through the Ninja Division | Soda Pop Miniatures web store.

The Cipher Studios web store will close March 13th. Stock will then be transferred to the Ninja Division | Soda Pop Miniatures warehouse and resume sale on March 30.

The last new figures for Anima Tactics™ will be released through the web store, including a special edition Celia model.

The Hell Dorado™ range will continue. Hell Dorado™ new releases will resume, with the next release wave beginning during Q2 2015.

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  • I wish the licences would go to someone with the resources to do something with them. How can they expect Hell Dorado to grow in popularity when it’s only sold through the Ninja Division web store? Or are any new releases just going to be Kickstarter campaign fodder? Hopefully not considering the comments I’ve read on the last campaign.

    Sad to see Hell Dorado languishing like this.

    • Ghool

      I have to agree. Although, it was already dying a slow death from being in the IP deep freeze for two years whilst Cipher acquired the rights.

      None of this is really surprising though.

      • Sisyphus

        See Crocodile Games… one of the best little fantasy game miniature producers most people never heard of… all their stuff is now in-house. You never see one of their games being played.

        • Ghool

          Yeah, but Croc Games was like that before they went strictly to in-house distribution. So, it’s not really that much of a leap when my LGS had to liquidate everything to do with Wargods because no one was buying and/or playing it.

          • Sisyphus

            Croc games came up when not so many minis games were putting around like nowadays (and add to that board games with plenty of plastics).

            I was abroad working in this early era but Croc was bouncing around at the same time Warmachine was taking off.

            Both did similar things but the difference was PP had a new engine and promoted it… Croc seemed to have revamped WHFB a bit and I never heard of them pushing their system much.

    • Sisyphus

      I’ve just started to get into this game. I bought a couple of starters… Geez… I remember a lot of people thinking HD was gonna get fumbled with Cypher getting it… a lot of people were hoping Reaper would take the helm…

      Geez… french games.. first Rackham being kicked about by CMoN and now HD in Ninja Division which is sort of cousin to CMoN…

      I hope Infinity doesn’t go this way… maybe I should stick to historical games…

      • goreshade

        There’s a pretty big gap between Infinity and HD in terms of popularity. Besides it’s a French Game Curse, Infinity’s Spanish.

        • Sisyphus

          Yes… honestly Infinity looks to be the odd man out for Euro Non-UK mini games. HD, Confrontation, Carnivale, Alkemy, Smog, and the apocalypse one that I forget the name of…

          Yeah… looks like most Euro Continental games have the bug…

  • hvedhrungr

    Can’t say I’m surprised concerning the cancellation of A:T. The game has become unplayable, with the same three lists winning tournaments, two of them being Samael. It was fun when it started, and I had a blast playing it, but Cipher went the way WarmaHordes went, releasing bigger and more powerful characters with every wave, with no regards to balancing. Most of the original players left the game completely in the first years. Small wonder it turned out unprofitable. The RPG was a work of passion, but the rules were sometimes a little ham-fisted. I bought all the books in French, fearing they IP would never survive until they had been translated. So all in all, A:T survived a lot longer than I thought it would.

  • Sisyphus

    Maybe we can get some Chibi Hell Dorado?

    • Sisyphus

      You know… the more I think of it… I got to wonder… Ninja division takes over all of Cipher Studios stuff… and kills one line and then neuters the other.

      What exactly did they accomplish… oh wait… they started a kickstarter for more Chibi Ninjas.

  • Grimbergen

    Well with ND/Soda Pop focusing on plastics, maybe
    they’ll turn it into a boardgame like CMON did with Ron n Bones.

    Frankly it’s hard to get enough interest in people investing (time to learn and dollars) in another skirmish game, but if the sculpts and other IP can be boxed into a single boardgame…

    maybe it’s my age now and also those of my group, but for whatever reason we all are always eagerly willing to learn a new boardgame “system” (e.g. Heroes of Normandie, Rivet Wars) that has elements of miniature gaming. Not sure why…but I guess most times the
    rules due to get dumbed down, but still have enough personality and uniqueness to be enjoyable.

    I would love to see AT or HD have that treatment and be able to explore the IP more and get the minis on the table.

    • Sisyphus

      ie Claustrophobia the board game?