Cipher Studios and Kingdom Death team up for Hell Dorado Kickstarter add-on

Cipher Studios is teaming up with Kingdom Death on the Hell Dorado Kickstarter. Now you can add a special Twilight Knight to your Hell Dorado pledge.

From the update:

We are very excited to partner with Kingdom Death to bring our two brutal worlds together with the Pinup Twilight Knight’s descent into Hell.

This amazing Special Edition figure re-imagines the Pinup Twilight Knight as she would manifest in the realms of Hell Dorado.

The concept art was illustrated by legendary artist Bertand Benoit (Rackham & Helldorado) with some key art direction provided by Lokman Lam (the artist behind the Pinup Twilight Knight). Sculpting this beautiful figure will be the famous Thomas David.

  • mathieu

    Well at least that KD model gave the kickstarter a welcome boost. The sad part though is to realize that it’s been the only significant boost of interest in this KS since the initial one (almost as high, even – source: kicktraq)… Had Cipher managed HD properly, it sure as hell wouldn’t have to rely on somebody else’s success to keep people excited.

    • Nightbee

      Do you think that might just be because Hell Dorado already had a base, and that all of those players bought in early?

      I didn’t support the Kickstarter because I think Cipher is a poorly run company and too many of the “bonuses” cost extra money, so that’s hardly meant to be a defensive question. I’m genuinely curious about where you’re coming from and what you would have liked to have seen.

      • mathieu

        What I would have liked to have seen is definitely not 3 years of barely keeping the game in life support, and of doing nothing to at least try and make sure the existing community wasn’t withering…

        I honestly think this crossover with Kingdom Death was a clever idea to give more visibility to the Kickstarter. I’m just amazed that the game got in a worse shape than when it was dead. That a game like Hell Dorado, with a pretty nice system, interesting background, and outstanding miniatures, would have its kickstarter lose steam after merely a few days and require such a boost.

        I am just afraid that despite the (relative) success of this kickstarter, we won’t get any more than the anemic release schedule that we’ve seen over the past 3 years.

        • Ghool

          After seeing the lack of rewards that I could get for less from a retail outlet, I pulled my funding.

          The game needs serious effort to rekindle interest, and the lackluster stretch rewards were the lynch pin for me.

          The thing I don’t understand is why it took almost 3 years just to re-release models that the molds were already made for. Cypher has just now caught up with what I had purchased from Asmodee over 5 years ago.

          That kind of release schedule and support is going to kill a game, no matter how popular it once was.

          It’s a shame, as I was looking forward to a better deal on the KS than what I can get everything featured as stretch rewards at retail.

    • Veritas

      Actually, I think the biggest jump I saw was just after Quetzalcoatl was announced as the 80K stretch goal. A lot of people were really happy to have him available.