Chronicles of Arborell: Legends of the Deep Guild Now Available

Chronicles of Arborell has released their Legends of the Deep Guild pdfs over on their website for you to check out.



From the release:

Legends of the Deep Guild Now Available.

The Chronicles of Arborell is proud to announce the release of five new micro-gamebook adventures for 2014. These five PDF adventures; Finding Dannam Tull, The Druhlstone, The Callas’Elanna, Grievous and Old Bones and Moonlight are available also in a single compilation PDF edition entitled Legends of the Deep Guild.

Based on legends recorded by the Deep Guild of Das Vallendor these micro-gamebooks chronicle some of the greatest missions of those who delve the deep ruins of Arborell.

All are free to download as PDF documents from the Chronicles of Arborell and all require only a pen and two dice to play.