Chibi Pony Pack released by Impact! at Gen Con

Impact! Miniatures will have their new Chibi Pony packs available at GenCon next weekend.

From the announcement:

Stop by Impact! at booth 1720 will have a limited quantity of 40 of Pony Pack sets for sale at the booth. 3 Unicorns and 3 Ponies (34mm to top of mane) with all the accessories to make the 6 figures in the image for only $30. A great gift for a daughter, niece or Brony in your life.

  • Gallant

    If you purchase these, you’ll be forced to introduce yourself to your neighbors and explain why you’re not to be trusted.

  • grimbergen

    Finally — Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack coming to my Super Dungeon Explore!

    • BaconSlayer

      It will be interesting to see if they are even allowed to sell them. It isn’t like Hasbro isn’t going to be there or anything…

      • Soulfinger

        They’d have to file an injunction. Maybe Hasbro could peg them on initial interest confusion, but these seem legally distinct enough to avoid any hassle. Hasbro does offer My Little Pony blanks that people can decorate themselves (I know this because I have a daughter), but they are the older style (I know this because I have a wife), so there’s not a resemblance between the unpainted figs and there is a standing market for conversions.

        • grimbergen

          just admit you’re a bronie

          • Soulfinger

            Sadly, I’ve probably seen the show more than most bronies considering my daughter’s fascination with it. Now, we’ve added Littlest Pet Shop to the viewing schedule. Fortunately, I don’t fantasize about Twilight Sparkle urinating sparkles into my mouth, or whatever it is that bronies do with their spare time. Gallant summed it up nicely.