Chest of Colors reviews HobbyZone paint station

Chest of Colors reviews a rack of colors… well, the HobbyZone paint station anyway. Seems appropriate.

From the review:

HobbyZone is a new company producing accessories for miniature painting and modeling. Ana prepared a review of HobbyZone paint station and paint stands written from professional miniature painter’s point of view.

  • Nice review on what looks like a great product. In fact, it convinced me to place an order. Thanks.

  • Bellygrub

    Loved the pricing but the shipping to the US killed it for me 🙁

  • Doc

    far too small for me; though it may work for just the paints for that project.
    Given that I have ~200 pots of paint, and often work on the “fly” there is good chance that any single project can use 30-40 different paints.

  • IronBrother

    This is perfect for what I need, all the others have always been to small. As Doc wrote, this is great for a project by project basis.

  • blkdymnd

    Perfect, but I’m not going to pay more for shipping to the US than what the product actually costs

  • I hear you re the shipping, but my table has been a mess for so long, I added a Table Organizer and bit the bullet.

  • @Bellygrub – I read in Facebook comments that some German hobbyists made a combined order, which allowed them to save on shipping.

    @Doc – not enough for us, too, if you consider the paint station alone. that’s why we use those paint racks (“paint stands”) too – they can hold 40-54 paints per rack and are pretty useful. we’ll be ordering more but we want to know if they are going to introduce different types of slots, too, as we would like to get one shelf for pigments, one for inks, and surely more for dropper bottles.