Chest of Colors holding Arena painting contest

Chest of Colors is holding their first painting contest in a looooong time and they want you to get in on the action.

From the announcement:

We’re happy to announce a painting contest after a very long break. And when I say “very long”, I really mean it. The last contest we had here was in 2005, but if this one turns out to be popular – we’ll surely arrange more contests for you.

  • EasyEight

    Hmmm….cover art from THW’s fantasy gladiator rules, eh?

    • Is it anything strange?
      Just read about the contest and it will immediately become clear to you…

  • EasyEight

    Cool, but mentioning the context of the link and your partner would help raise visibility of the project (since THW has a large following) and help folks like me from making snap judgments when skimming headlines. “Chest of Colors and Two Hour Wargames announce that the Chest of Colors Arena is open now! Every warrior from the lands of fantasy is invited to enter and try their skills in the deadly combat on our arena. Just like in the Red Sand Black Moon game from Two Hour Wargames.”


    • Actually I mentioned THW in the original title, which was somehow edited by the staff here. Probably it was too long?

      The name of the contest is Chest of Colors Arena, because we plan to use this name for future contests too.

      Still it’s great to see people caring so much that they pay attention to possible unauthorized use of intellectual property in this hobby. Being a THW fan myself I appreciate such ‘community watch’.