Chest of Colors brushes review: Winsor & Newton series 7 vs Rosemary & Co

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 2nd, 2012

Chest of Colors lets you know how they feel about the Winsor and Newton series brushes vs. others out there.

But don’t just listen to me.

Winsor & Newton series 7 brushes are often considered the best brushes for miniature painting. Do they live up to their reputation? Check this Winsor & Newton series 7 and Rosemary & Co. brushes review to see how they compare to Rosemary brushes.

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  • Ghool

    I find the Rosemary brushes to be too soft, and don’t provide enough snap in comparison to the W&N series 7. I use the regular series 7, and they hold their shape much better, and for longer over the Rosemary & Co.

    As for the price, one can’t really argue. If you want a decent quality brush for cheap, then the Rosemary brushes can’t be beat.

    Like I said, I prefer the stronger snap of the W&N series 7’s.

  • Didn’t you find the quality of W&N brushes lower than it used to be a few years ago? We ordered quite a large batch and were surprised with the quality which was not as good as we used to receive. I checked some reviews and opinions online and they seemed to confirm it.

    That was one of the reason we tried Raphael 8404 series and liked them much better than W&N series 7. But I know that choosing a brush is a very personal thing for every painter and some of our friends prefer W&N to Raphaels.