Chernobyl, Mon Amour RPG Up On Indiegogo

Anyone about my age and older surely remembers Chernobyl. The reactor there went kerplooey and filled the surrounding area with deadly radiation. As such, hundreds of square miles had to be evacuated. And, to this day, barely anyone ever goes there… barely. In Chernobyl, Mon Amour, you take on the role of a Ukrainian criminal who has fled to the Zone of Alienation around the reactor. You’ve done this to escape the authorities. But, once there, you find yourself wanting more. You get lonely and soon, the desire to find others gets to you. The game is up on Indiegogo now.

From the campaign:

In Chernobyl, Mon Amour you play a Ukrainian criminal who flees the long arm of the law to the Chernobyl Zone of Alienation. The concept is based on a Ukrainian folk story about a criminal who fled to the Zone and became so radioactive that the authorities had to leave him there.

You know that there is no return from the Zone. Your crimes are such that society will no longer accept you, and the only thing you have left is the possibility of a new life in the radioactive forest. As you settle into the Zone and meet its inhabitants, you start to yearn for something more. You want love.

Playing out these love stories amidst a radioactive society of criminals is the core experience of Chernobyl, Mon Amour.
The Game

Chernobyl, Mon Amour is a Finnish tabletop roleplaying game built with a strong focus on character immersion and experiencing the game world through the character’s subjective viewpoint.

The mechanics of Chernobyl, Mon Amour are minimal to the point of non-existent, at least if seen through the lens of traditional roleplaying game design. Instead of stats and dice, the functioning of the game is coded into the setting, Game Master and player advice, as well as the design of preparatory workshop exercises.

The game is not easy for the Game Master, as it requires the GM to handle running everything to allow the players to focus on their character-based experience.

As a point of comparison, Chernobyl, Mon Amour has a similar relationship to mechanics-based roleplaying games as Nordic Larp has to larp utilizing complex rules systems. In both cases, complexity of mechanical simulation and game design is sacrificed for a more nuanced, personal feel to the game.

The campaign is over its funding goal, but you’ve only got 9 more days to get in on it.