Chapterhouse Studios release Super-Heavy Walker

Chapterhouse Studios have released a resin Super-Heavy Walker kit for use with 40K.

Super-Heavy vehicle kit

From their announcement:

Let me unveil our first Super-Heavy vehicle kit, the SXV-141 Super-heavy Assault Walker, or the SAW for short. (I am leaning towards calling this big boy the “Kraken” to keep up the ocean theme of Tau)

After seeing the work of the guy who designed and sculpted this walker I knew we had to carry it. We were even able to drop the production cost of this huge kit. Price is set at $285 plus shipping. It is a completely new design, but it has an obvious “Tau” style to it.

This is a resin model kit consisting of over 50 parts, weighing in at approximately 2kg and standing almost 30cm tall when complete. The kit components are supplied “as cast” and require cleanup, assembly and painting for the finished product.
Needless to say I think the Imperial Warhound titan will have its hands full.

This monster mounts Twin Heavy Rail Guns, Smart Missile launchers, Marker Lights and Burst Cannons for close defense.
We are working on rules for this bad boy and welcome any thoughts.

You won’t find this on the website yet, feel free to email me on order inquiries, and due to its large size it will be produced on order.