Chapterhouse Studios – Mongolian Space Commander, bits and Taapani Storm Troopers

Chapterhouse Studios has released a new Space Mongolian commander mini, as well as some new bits to go along with it. Plus, they’ve got new Taapani Storm Troopers.


From the release:

Hot on the tail of the terminator torsos and heads comes some more bits and kits for Space Marine players.

First up are some “mongolian” themed bits that White Scars players may enjoy.
Ayuka Khan – Space Mongolian Commander – $24.00

Ayuka Khan, Commander of the 6th company, the Golden Hoard. Utilizing archaic weapons and power armor, this heroic commander leads his company from the front lines with reckless abandonment.

This 12 piece high detail model kit consist of the following components:

2 Banners, 1 Horse Totem, 1 Top Knot, 1 Main Body, 1 Right Leg, 1 Scenic Base, 1 Shield Arm, 1 Storm Pistol, 2 Sword Arms, and 1 Halberd.
Mongolian Combat Shields – 4 – $6.00

Mongolian Heads (5) – fit Space Marine models – $5.00

Next up are some figures that Astra Militarum, uhem Imperial Guard players could put to use..
Taapani Storm Troopers – (6) 35mm Heavy Infantry Models – $24.00 and
(12) Taapani Storm Troopers – Assault Squad with Lasguns bits – $50.00

Next month will see more new releases including some more Terminator compatible torsos and defense lines.