Chapterhouse Studios June releases

Chapterhouse Studios have sent details of their releases for June 2011.

Rapid Response Wheeled Chimera kit

From their announcement:

Chapterhouse Studios has four new items on its website today.

A Rapid Response Wheeled Chimera kit for the Games Workshop Imperial Guard Chimera will turn any Chimera based vehicle into a wheeled fast attack vehicle. This 9 piece resin kit is available for $13.50 right now.

Also for release is a new set of replacement doors for the Games Workshop Space Marine Land Raider kit. These doors have images of weapon-wielding Grim Reapers or Angels of Death and are designed to fit seamlessly on your land raider kit. This 6 piece resin kit is available now for $11.50.

Also for sale is a 5 piece Gun-Spear kit for $6.00 and a Servo-Harness and Conversion-Beamer weapon kit that fits on Games Workshop Space Marine models for $9.50.