Chaos Space Marines: World Eaters Tactica

Games Workshop have posted a World Eaters strategy guide for 40K.

From their website:

Wade Pryce is a well-known figure around these parts. He’s got a reputation for painting red and fielding a stunning World Eaters army. First appearances, when you consider the World Eaters, implies that they will have the tactical acumen of an enraged wildebeest and the subtlety of the sledgehammer. Experience on the receiving end of Wade’s army of red marauders has proven otherwise.

When it comes to the World Eaters, beneath the veneer of atavistic fury and unfettered bloodlust beats the heart of a warrior – a Chaos Space Marine. Wade’s been playing as a World Eaters general for years now, and he’s learned the ropes well. When we approached him to talk about tactics, he was more than forthcoming: