Chaos Isle, Whole Damned Thing Deal

RealmsMasters Game Forge is offering a bundle deal on their Chaos Isle Zombie card game.

From their website:

The Whole Damn Thing special bundle deal for the solo and multiplayer zombie themed card game, Chaos Isle, is now available from RealmsMasters Game Forge.

The bundle includes:
The Chaos Isle core deck, the first 3 Expansions (Fresh Meat, Reinforcements, The Lunatics) and the brand new Rise of The Creator player interactive enhancement deck. All for just $37 and dirt cheap shipping all over the world. (Bought separately normal cost is $47). On top of that, for those of you buying the Heroes of Chaos Isle promo character set from the BGG Store, we’re knocking an additional $5 off the shipping.

It is our goal to get all the zombies we can into every available household this holiday, so we’re making The Whole Damn Thing available throughout the Holiday Season. Stuff a Zombie under your tree this Christmas. Enjoy.