Champions of History Wave 2 now available

Black Army Productions has released Wave 2 of releases in their Champions of History miniature range.


From their announcement:

I’m very pleased to announce that the second wave for our Champions of History Range, a 28mm range of historical and fictional personalities, is now available. All of our Champions miniatures are sculpted in 28mm scale, roughly 28mm to the top of the head, though there is some natural variation in height.

All three miniatures were sculpted by the talented Leandro Ventic using photographic references (and sculptures/coins in the case of Julian). The detail on these is, I’m pleased to say, just amazing, and the caster has done a beautiful job as always.

The new castings include:

EW04 – Julian II “The Apostate” – The “Enemy of the Galileans” comes mounted in appropriate battlefield attire for the mid fourth century. He is available for $6.50

EW05 – John Dillinger, Indiana born bank robber who was famously gunned down by the FBI in 1934. John comes with an open hand and three weapon options – a Tommy Gun, a .22 target pistol, and his personal favorite, a Super .38 specially modified with a thirty round clip and automatic fire.

EW06 – Mata Hari, Woman of Mystery. This beautiful Dutch native escaped from an abusive marriage to become the original “femme fatale”. She was executed by the French after being accused of spying for the Germans, in 1917. Mata was sculpted from one of her famous “boudoir” photos, dressed in one of her favorite dancing outfits, and thrusting herself forward in an, eh… provocative manner. A beautiful miniature.

We’ve got more to come in the next few weeks, too: the Austro Hungarian Romfell Armored Car, Da’Vinci’s Tank, the Russian Filatov 3 Wheeler Armored Car, and Japanese in M1930 Uniforms and “Cherry Blossom” Helmets. And, hey, why not? A Garford Armored Truck is also in the works, and should be available a little later.

Thanks for all the continued support and good will.