Champagne Babycakes Card Game/Pop Album Available to Order

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 5th, 2016
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champagne babycakes

A lot of us wanted, when we were younger, to join a band. Hell, I’d still like to join a band.
A lot of us wanted, when we were younger, to make and release a game. Hell, I’d still like to make and release a game.
The members of The Sexy Accident have done both. And now they’re releasing Champagne Babycakes, a new card game that’s also a music album.

champagne babycakes

The objective of the game is to finish the album. Playing cards, you’ll have to build a lineup and play your songs. Of course, there’s plenty of things to get in the way of your goal. Things like your amplifiers blowing up, to lousy day jobs, to being involved in a soccer league. You’ll have to deal with those if you want to score more points than your opponents and get your album out to the people.

Speaking of getting the album out to the people, you can order your own copy of Champagne Babycakes now, with the release coming on the 23rd.


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