Center Stage Miniatures posts more Tome of Horrors stretch goals

Center Stage Miniatures has posted some more stretch goals for their Tome of Horrors Kickstarter campaign.

From the update:

At the $47.5K funding level, we add 3 more miniatures - a pair of Inphidians (one normal and one Death Adder Priest) and a Foo Dog free to all pledge rewards packages of $200+. They will be available as swaps for the $25 and $50 packages, and swaps OR $5 add-ons at the $75 and $100 level.

Today's funding goal to achieve the "bonus" stretch miniature will be $26,000. In order to unlock this special miniature, the $26,000 needs to be achieved before 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, May 8th. Remember, this special "bonus" is included FREE at both the $100 and $200 reward levels. It would be available as an add-on or swap at the $75 level, and a swap at the $25/50 level.

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