Cavalcade Wargames now US stockist for Kingsford Miniatures

Cavalcade Wargames is now the official US stockist for Kingsford Miniatures.

From their announcement:

Cavalcade Wargames is proud to announce that it is the exclusive representative for Kingsford Miniatures in the U.S. This will allow U.S. customers to save on shipping costs and customs delays.

Kingsford Miniatures is a manufacturer of 28mm pewter miniatures from British Columbia, Canada. It specializes in producing 28mm miniatures for the Sengoku Jidai period of Japan (1550 to 1615 A.D.). The range includes samurai, ikko ikki, ashigaru, sohei, cavalry and special characters.

We will be supporting the Kingsford range on our website and at conventions. The codes and pack distribution differ slightly than Kingsford. The full line of Kingsford products can be seen on our website.

We at Cavalcade wish you a Happy Holidays.