Cavalcade releases new Vanguard models

Vanguard CommanderCavalcade Wargames have released new Dragonblood Vanguard figures.

From their announcement:
We have 2 new releases in our Dragonblood line. These new miniatures are for the Dark Mariner faction in the new ShadowSea game. They include the following:
• DBM063 Vanguard Commander – $14.99
• DBM062 Vanguard Warrior II – $13.99

Both pieces are available in 3-packs for additional savings. We’ve also added a 3-pack option for the first Vanguard Warrior. There is also a Vanguard Collection available for all 3 models.

Both pieces are sculpted by Bob Olley and measure 40mm (for 28mmm play). We also have several new Dark Mariner greens by Bob that are in the molding process and will be released in the coming months.