Cavalcade releases Dragonblood dioramas

Cavalcade Miniatures have rereleased the Dragonblood diorama sets.

Springing the Trap

From their announcement:

Cavalcade Wargames has released Dragonblood Miniatures’ diorama sets. These diorama sets have been out of production since we acquired Dragonblood Miniatures earlier this year. We are now releasing the following diorama sets:

DBM003 – Griffon Attack Diorama – $29.99
DBM013 – Temple of the Evening Star – $14.99
DBM045 – Encounter on the Inner Sea – $29.99
DBM021 – Springing the Trap – $29.99

In addition, portions of these sets are available as singles, such as the Griffon, Elephant Beastman and Mosasaur. All are in stock and available for purchase. The Fall of the Citadel diorama will be released later this year or early 2011.

As a reminder, there are only a few more months to get our free 2010 promo figure for orders over $50.