Cavalcade release first Ming Chinese figures

Cavalcade Wargames have released the first figures in their Ming Chinese range.


From their website:?

We now have the first two releases from our Ming range of Chinese warriors, including a pack of four light spearmen and a command pack. We expect to release the remaining light infantry in the next few months and have heavy infantry and cavalry in development now. Our Ming range is sculpted by Mike Owen and measures 28mm. The spearmen are $12.00 and the command is $9.00.

These particular models can be used at any time during the Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644). Other releases will focus on the latter-half of the dynasty. These models are suitable for conflicts with the Samurai in the Imjin War, border conflicts with the Mongols and Manchu, sea raids by Wako pirates and Portuguese colonists and western skirmishes with Tibet.