CAV: Strike Operations announced

CAV: Strike OperationsReaper Miniatures have announced the re-release of their CAV sci-fi mechanized combat rules.

From their website:
First off Reaper Miniatures and Talon Games have entered into an agreement for the relaunch of their signature science fiction game of mechanized combat, CAV. Titled CAV: Strike Operations (C:SO) this is an all new product and not a third edition of the game. Reaper Miniatures will provide logistic and manufacturing support while Talon Games will have sole creative control of the game and release schedule.

So what does this all mean?
First off, Reaper has no control over the direction of the game, dates for releases etc. so don’t bother them with questions or complaints. Any and all questions regarding anything other than a purchase needs to be directed towards Talon Games which ends up in the lap of Jon Walker, aka CavBoss.

What happens first?
CAV: Strike Operations is already written, coming soon we will release an open beta version of the game so we can tweak the rules and get any bugs worked out. This summer we will release a free pdf for anyone who has purchased the CAV 2nd Edition version and a printed rulebook. (Cover below)

This will be followed by faction specific tactical briefings and the latest version of Janet’s Arms and Armor detailing the war machines of the C:SO universe. There are no plans to provide a strong convention presence this summer as Im more concerned with getting product out the door. That’s not to mean we wont be there…just not with a huge road show.

Check out their announcement for full details.