Malifaux previews next expansion with some Wallpapers

Malifaux has another expansion in the works, and to show some of the models of Wyrd’s made some wallpaper you can use on your desktop. Or you could just look at the pretty picture. Either way, here it is:

From the preview:

So time for something fun for all of you. What’s that, a new wallpaper. I have no clue who these guys are.. Probably Guild

Wyrd posts up Malifaux June releases

Wyrd Miniatures has posted up some pictures of the June releases for Malifaux. Check ’em out.

Wyrd posts up May Malifaux releases

Wyrd Miniatures has posted up a bunch of releases they’ve got coming out this month. Check ’em out.

From them to you:

Hope you all enjoy

WYR1051 Pale Rider $35.00
WYR2048 Simulacrum #29 (Avatar McMourning) $35.00
WYR2058 Alternate McMourning $10.50
WYR3054 Union Miner (x3) $20.00
WYR4047 Iggy $9.50
WYR3055 Effigy Doll – Arcanist (Arcane) $10.00
WYR4052 Effigy Doll – Neverborn (Mysterious) $10.00
WYR5070 Effigy Doll – Outcast (Hodgepodge) $10.00

Clash for a Cure coming in October

Clash for a Cure is coming again in October. Play games for a cause.

From the release:

Rich Courtney here in an attempt to spread the word. Clash for a Cure 2012 is in full swing and we are looking at making this Clash an even better one than 2011! Clash for a Cure 2011 was an event I thought up a few years ago and just took a while for it to actually take place. We set it at 42 players (thinking that was probably beyond our reach!) and let it go…well the event sold out almost 3 weeks prior to the actual event (5 weeks after registration started)! And after the chaos of organizing an event I took a couple of months off from even thinking about it and even contemplated letting it go slowly into the night. I have received a lot of email asking when the next one would be, so I guess it was time to get busy. Continue reading

Wyrd has new “Easter Bunny Goblin”

Wyrd Miniatures shows off their own take on the Easter Bunny with their new Egg Hauler. Also there’s a war-hen. Seriously.
It’s hard to decide if he’s disturbing or cute. What do you think?

From their website:

Now available to order in the online store. The little green things will start shipping from Monday April 2nd.

You will have until the end of April to get hold of one of these speshul gremlins.
WYR5074 – Egg Hauler – $15
WYR5073 – War Rooster – $22