Clash For a Cure is coming

Clash For A Cure is coming and they’ll have special guest studio painter Meg Maples there.

From the announcement:

Hello guys! Trying to spread some awareness for Clash for a Cure 2013! This is our third year of operation and we are trying to make it bigger and better than before! Clash for a Cure is a 3 day event taking place in Waco Texas using the Warmachine/Hordes and Malifaux rulesets. Proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society.

At present there are six tournaments over the three day weekend. On top of that we will also be having a Charity Raffle. The charity raffle includes painters from around the world painting up models to be raffled off to some lucky participants. For the second year, we will also be hosting The Cog, a steampunk based painting competition. Helping us judge entries will be the award winning artist Meg Maples! That’s right, one of the studio painters for Privateer Press will be in attendance and has even agreed to raffle off a couple one-on-one painting classes to support the cause! Check out the Facebook page or our website at Give us a like and share it to your friends, it’s a great cause to be behind!

Voices of Mars – Malifaux 2nd Edition: Soulstone Mechanic Clarification

Voices of Mars talks about the new Soulstone mechanic in Malifaux 2nd edition in their latest video.

From the video:

Mars clarifies Malifaux 2nd Edition new Soulstone mechanics based on Wyrd Chronicles #6 article done by Adrian Scott

Voices of Mars Interviewed Mack from Wyrd Miniatures on Malifaux 2.0

Voices of Mars talked with Mack from Wyrd Miniatures while at Adepticon about the future of Malifaux.

From the interview:

Voices of Mars Interviewed Mack from Wyrd Miniatures on Malifaux 2.0 and Through the Breach (Malifaux RPG) at Adepticon

Wyrd announces Malifaux 2.0 open Beta Test

Wyrd has announced that they’re coming out with Malifaux 2.0 and will be holding an open beta test for the game.

From the announcement:

You may have heard the rumors … and now we’re excited to announce that Malifaux 2nd Edition (M2E) is coming!
Malifaux 2nd Edition will be pre-released August 15 (during Gen Con 2013) with a general release by October. In the mean time we plan to tease you with new art, new models, new characters, and the … Public Beta for Malifaux 2E.

Wyrd Chronicles issue #4 now available

Wyrd brings back their Wyrd Chronicles with issue #4, now available for your reading pleasure.

From the announcement:

We are EXTREMELY excited to announce the return of the Wyrd Chronicles! Go check out the downloads section of to download issue number 4.

This will be a regular release with our team sticking to a hard release schedule of one every two months, so look for the next one in April.

For those of you who don’t remember it, the Wyrd Chronicles is an e-zine focusing on Malifaux and the products made by Wyrd.

Wamp launches Wyrd miniatures Painting Contest

Wamp is running another of their painting contests and this one’s just Wyrd (it’s a pun… get it?).

Wamp welcomes Wyrd Miniatures back after a 3 year absence. Wyrd are offering up some cracking prizes, including limited edition and even not for sale items. Open to any Wyrd Miniatures, deadline is 24th march.
Full details via the link

Wyrd previews multi-pose mini concept art for Through the Breach

Wyrd continues their way through Kickstarter with a look at the concept art for a multi-pose mini they’re working on for the Through the Breach RPG.

From the preview:

Feast your eyes on the graphic below! We are excited to present to you the concept sketches for our Multi-Pose Male Mini sprue! While some elements of the mini may change between this early stage and final production, today’s update will give you an idea of the variety of options and the degree of customization we’re aiming for.

Malifaux RPG Kickstarter over $165k

Wyrd has made it up and over $165k for their Malifaux: Through the Breach Kickstarter campaign.

Thank you for your tremendous support thus far! If you’ve already pledged, share the news with your gaming buddies and tell them to hop on this wild ride too. The Early Supporter and Week 2 Thank You are just the beginning of the bonus goodie gifts and early access to exciting content. . .

Wyrd holding a Birthday Sale

Wyrd is celebrating a birthday and wants to give you the presents with a sale over on their website.

From the announcement:

It’s our birthday and we’re holding a small sale of limited goodies that folks have been asking for that we’ve dug out of the warehouse archives (and by limited, I mean very limited, handful or so at most).
We’ve also got the Master of Path’s box set in early and we’re putting it up for early sale just this weekend – next time you’ll be able to get it is February of next year!

Here is to another great year!

Wyrd holding Gingerbread Terrain Contest for Charity

Wyrd wants to see your culinary and modeling skills at work with their Gingerbread Terrain Contest.
Someone needs to get Alton Brown in on this one.

From the announcement:

I’m excited to announce Wyrd’s first ever ginger bread terrain building contest! The rules are simple, build a terrain piece or entire terrain board using gingerbread houses, take a picture, and post it on our forums by December 31st 2012 (11:59pm PST). You may build as many gingerbread terrain boards as you like, and enter as many pictures as you like.

We will pick our favorite entry and announce the winner on Wednesday January 2nd 2013. The winner will get to pick a charity of their choice (Note: at Wyrd’s discretion*) and we will donate $500 to that charity! Have fun, and I can’t wait to see all of the great gingerbread terrain you guys can come up with!

Through the Breach: A Malifaux RPG Kickstarter

Wyrd has started up their Malifaux RPG Kickstarter.
Didn’t take long for them to make it to minimum funding. So it’s stretch goals from here on out.

From the campaign:

Malifaux is a successful character-driven skirmish game, with a wide range of detailed miniatures and accessories. The stories of Lady Justice, Nicodem, Colette DuBois, and many other masters of Malifaux are told with furious battles on table tops across the globe. Some rise, some fall, none of these characters have left unscarred. Their fates have become legend.

Now it is time to determine your fate.

GottaCon 2013 Malifaux Lineup posted

GottaCon posted up what Malifaux events they’ve got lined up for the event.

From the posting:

GottaCon is pleased to announce that it will be adding Malifaux to our list of Miniature based tournaments at GottaCon 2013 on February 1 to 3, 2013. This year we are excited to have Wyrd Miniatures sponsor our feature and side Malifaux events.
GottaCon and Wyrd Miniatures are proud to present an exciting lineup of Malifaux tournaments throughout the weekend. Prizes will be awarded individually in each tournament, and the player with the most combined tournament points for the weekend will earn the title of GottaCon 2013 Malifaux Champion! Purchase of a GottaCon Malifaux ticket package ($50 until January 22, 2013 $60 after that) secures a place in each Malifaux tournament and is required for pre-registration and entry in the “First into the Breach”, “One Way Ticket”, and “Masters of Malifaux” Events, as well space is limited to 16 players for the three mentioned events.

For full information on the five tournaments that will take place over the GottaCon 2013 weekend please visit our website

Open Beta Test for Puppet Wars from Wyrd happening now

Wyrd is switching Puppet Wars over to plastic and at the same time, updating the rules. They’ve got an open public beta testing going on right now.

As you may have heard in the rumors, Puppet Wars is changing over to plastic as well. Not only does this improve the quality of the figures, it will make the game cheaper as well! To go along with this Unstitched Edition, we’ve taken the opportunity to update and streamline the rules as well. However, that process isn’t finished! We want you all involved!!

Coming to in the next few days will be the completely updated core rules, as well as puppet rules for you all to try out, and give us feedback on before it’s set in stone. We’re looking forward to hearing from all of you!

Wyrd planning Malifaux RPG Kickstarter campaign

Wyrd has announced they’re going to be having a Kickstarter for an RPG version of Malifaux.

As the title implies, the Kickstarter for Malifaux RPG is on it’s way! We’re extremely excited about how the project is going and this will serve as a boost to both speed the RPG into your hands, but also get you involved earlier.

One of the absolute best things about Kickstarter is our ability to get all of you involved in a project like this at a point that the community can in many ways have a significant impact on the final results. And that is a big reason I’m writing to you all now! Reaching out before the kickstarter is even up helps me even further tailor it to exactly what you might want!

My question to you: What do you want to see included in the kickstarter?

What I mean is what type of special rewards do you want to see available? Obviously you will have the chance to pick up the RPG books through it and other retail associated retail materials, but what else? We’ve of course come up with a ton ideas, but we don’t want to leave out YOUR ideas. So let us know!!

Play Unplugged TV 2-26: Interview with Eric Johns of Wyrd

Play Unplugged continues their seemingly never-ending (a good thing) interview series from GenCon with one with Eric Johns of Wyrd.

From the interview:

Up and at ‘em soldier! Sgt. Murder brings you his last interview from Gen Con Indy 2012. His guest this time is Eric Johns of Wyrd Miniatures. Eric gives Play Unplugged fans the skinny on Malifaux’s shift to plastic miniatures and their newest game (another Kickstarter success) Evil Baby Orphanage.

“A Tale of 3 Painters” Charity Project

The Dark Templar is having a “Tale of 3 Painters” charity project to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Go take a look.

From the project:

Three like-minded bloggers – Mike Reynolds from The Dark Templar, Andy Walker from Lair of the Breviks, and Michael Awdry from 28mm Victorian Warfare – are painting up some Malifaux gaming miniatures for Cancer Research UK. Continue reading

Wyrd previews the upcoming plastic Ten Thunders

Wyrd has some more Malifaux previews as they continue giving us a look at their new plastic line. This group is for the upcoming Ten Thunders.

From the preview:

Next up, the Ten Thunders.

Note: The Misaki box set may not be available at Gencon, but will be available online during Gencon. This is due to a tight deadline and shipping on this and while we’re doing everything we can to get it there in time, it is possible it won’t arrive until we’re already at Gencon and away from the warehouse.

WYR5078 – $21 – Oiran (3 pack)
WYR8001 – $35 – The Thunder Box Set
WYR8002 – $21 – Ten Thunders Archers (3 pack)
WYR8003 – $11 – Yamaziko

Wyrd starts Kickstarter for Evil Baby Orphanage

Wyrd started a Kickstarter campaign for a new game they’re working on: Evil Baby Orphanage.

From the campaign:Tiny, terrible, and in serious need of predeeming. Welcome to Evil Baby Orphanage, the world’s foremost time travelling facility for the preventive parenting of Evil Babies.

Evil Baby Orphanage is a casual party game where players take up the role of Time -Nannies and compete to remove evil from the time stream. Babies like Genghis Khan, Josef Stalin, and Vlad Tepes are all up for grabs, and it is your job to wrangle and redeem them before they commit the heinous deeds for which they were destined.

More Wyrd plastics and their next Arcanist releases

Wyrd put up some more plastic previews, this time of some more Arcanists.

From the preview:

Arcanists are the subject this time around, all of which will also be at Gencon.
Oh and for you folks asking about the plastic, look for a post from Eric a bit later on it, but just to confirm, yes, these are plastic injection molded miniatures, not ‘bendy’ plastic or finecast.

WYR3052 – $35 – Rail Crew Box Set
WYR3053 – $35 – Rail Golem (this fella stands 78mm tall!)
WYR3058 – $21 – Metal Gamin (3 pack)
WYR3059 – $16 – Willie the Demolitionist

Wyrd goes plastic for Malifaux

Wyrd has just made an announcement that they’re moving over to plastic for the production of Malifaux. Here’s a couple concept-to-model pieces they’re working on.

From the announcement:

You’ve been wondering, pondering, even hollering about what we’ve got coming up and it’s about time to let folks know what we’ve got going on.

Wyrd has traditionally done all of our models the old fashion way, sculpt, mold, metal .. good to go! And it hasn’t been bad for us at all. Unfortunately these last few years we’ve had to deal with rising metal costs as well as a horde of other issues that have for one reason or another caused us a bit of trouble that necessitated our move to plastic. Continue reading

Malifaux previews next expansion with some Wallpapers

Malifaux has another expansion in the works, and to show some of the models of Wyrd’s made some wallpaper you can use on your desktop. Or you could just look at the pretty picture. Either way, here it is:

From the preview:

So time for something fun for all of you. What’s that, a new wallpaper. I have no clue who these guys are.. Probably Guild