Dungeon Command: Tyranny of the Goblins review posted on Play Board Games

Tyranny of the Goblins is the next item up for bid on the Pri… wait… no… It’s the next game to be reviewed by Play Board Games.

From the review:

Tyranny of the Goblins is an expansion pack for Dungeon Command. This set includes goblins, hobgoblins, orcs and their friends.

Play Unplugged Review – Dungeon

Play Unplugged continues our hour of reviews with Dungeon.

From the review:

Hang on to your torches! Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini reviews Dungeon! the new (and old) board game from Wizards of the Coast in which you adventure in a… dungeon… Who’d have guessed?

Play Unplugged Unboxing: Dungeon

Play Unplugged has another one of their video unboxings over on their website. This one is for Wizards of the Coasts’ Dungeon.

From the unboxing:

Beware what dwells below Play Unplugged fans! Enrico Nardini delves into catacombs dark and dangerous for an unboxing of Wizards of the Coast‘s Dungeon!, a remake of the classic dungeon crawling board game. What hideous monsters and fantastic treasure lurk inside? Click on the video and find out!

Armchair General reviews WotC Dungeon Command sets

Armchair General posted up their thoughts on the Dungeon Command sets available from Wizards of the Coast.

An Armchair General review of the new D&D tactical combat system that revitalizes D&D Miniatures by selling them as logically grouped units instead of pig-in-a-poke random packs.

Play Unplugged Review – Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue

Play Unplugged takes a look at the D&D supplement book Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue. Go see what they thought about it.

From the review:

Those dastardly Drow are at it again! Play Unplugged’s Mike Eaton takes a look at the Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue from Wizards of the Coast.

Play Unplugged Unboxing: Dungeon Command: Tyranny of Goblins

Play Unplugged did an unboxing of the latest Dungeon Command set from Wizards of the Coast: Tyranny of Goblins.

From the unboxing:

Goblins have overrun the catacombs here at Play Unplugged, and we welcome our short, green-skinned overlords! This invasion has impeccable timing, as it coincides perfectly with the release of Dungeon Command: Tyranny of Goblins from Wizards of the Coast, a new Dungeon Command pre-painted miniatures set featuring the goblins and their allies. With box in hand, Enrico braves the horde for the betterment of gamers all around the realm.

Play Unplugged TV 2-22: Interview Laura Tommervik of Wizards of the Coast

Play Unplugged put up another of their video interviews from GenCon. this one is with Laura Tommervik from Wizards of the Coast talking about the Rise of the Underdark.

From the interview:

A dark force is rising in the world of Dungeons & Dragons! Luckily we have a guide to help us navigate through the dangerous dark elf uprising. Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini meets with Laura Tommervik, Sr. Brand Marketing Manager at Wizards of the Coast to discuss upcoming releases and the future of D&D. Laura relates lore pertaining to the Rise of the Underdark (WotC’s current world shaking event featuring the insidious underdark dwelling drow), the future of D&D Next, and everything in between.

GF9 to produce official Dungeons & Dragons Collector’s Series miniatures

Gale Force 9 is going to be making a new line of minis based on the Dungeons & Dragons world. Their first sets will be based around the “Rise of the Underdark” setting that WotC is promoting this fall.

From the announcement:

Today it gives us great pleasure to announce the upcoming release of a new line of products in support of Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons brand.

We have been given the opportunity to bring to life a series of D&D miniatures models, the likes of which the world has never seen.

The Dungeons & Dragons Collector’s Series is a line of high quality, unpainted, limited edition resin miniatures sculpted by some of the best names in the industry.

We’d like to shine the spotlight on three product configurations.
1. Monsters (something big)
2. Duels (two creatures)
3. Adventuring Parties (groups of creatures)

Our current plan is to release two limited edition products each month beginning this fall.

The initial series of releases will highlight the Underdark theme and focus on all manner of denizens you may find there. Including:
· A Purple Worm
· Drow Raiding Party
· Lolth & Eclavadra
· Illithid Raiding Party
· A Beholder Eye Tyrant
· Lolth In Spider Form

The Dungeons & Dragons Collector’s Series will evolve to mirror themes brought to you by Wizards of the Coast, with miniatures that bring your story to life.